10 Immunity Boosters

Thursday, December 18, 2008

10 Immunity Boosters

Tea/green tea

Studies show that green tea—infused with the antioxidant EGCG—reduces the risk of most types of cancer. "The phytonutrients in tea also support the growth of intestinal bacteria," says Bowerman.

"Specifically, they inhibit the growth of bad bacteria—E. coli, Clostridium, Salmonella—and leave the beneficial bacteria untouched." Why is this important? "Because up to 70 percent of your immune system is located in your digestive tract," says Susan Bowerman, assistant director of the Center for Human Nutrition at the University of California at Los Angeles. "Four cups a day will keep it functioning at its peak."

Chili peppers

"Chilis stimulate the metabolism, act as a natural blood thinner, and help release endorphins," says Gunnar Petersen, certified strength and conditioning specialist and a celebrity trainer. Plus, they're a great way to add flavor to food without increasing fat or calorie content. Chilis are also rich in beta-carotene, which turns into vitamin A in the blood and fights infections, as well as capsaicin, which inhibits neuropeptides (chemicals that cause inflammation). A recent study in the journal Cancer Research found that hot peppers even have anti-prostate-cancer properties. All this from half a chili pepper (or one tablespoon of chili flakes) every day.


Contrary to popular belief, ginger—a piquant addition to so many Asian dishes—isn't a root, it's a stem, which means it contains living compounds that improve your health. Chief among them is gingerol, a cancer suppressor that studies have shown to be particularly effective against that of the colon. Chop ginger or grind it fresh and add it to soy-marinated fish or chicken as often as you can. The more you can handle, the better.


"This potent little fruit can help prevent a range of diseases from cancer to heart disease," says Ryan Andrews, the director of research at Precision Nutrition, in Toronto, Canada. One serving (3.5 ounces) contains more antioxidants than any other fruit. Drizzle with lemon juice and mix with strawberries for a disease-fighting supersnack.


Known for making desserts sweet and Indian food complex, cinnamon is rich in antioxidants that inhibit blood clotting and bacterial growth (including the bad-breath variety). "Studies also suggest that it may help stabilize blood sugar, reducing the risk of type 2 diabetes," says dietitian Nancy Clark, author of Nancy Clark's Sports Nutrition Guidebook (Human Kinetics, 1996). "What's more, it may help reduce bad cholesterol. Try half a teaspoon a day in yogurt or oatmeal."

Sweet potatoes

Often confused with yams, this tuber is one of the healthiest foods on the planet. In addition to countering the effects of secondhand smoke and preventing diabetes, sweet potatoes contain glutathione, an antioxidant that can enhance nutrient metabolism and immune-system health, as well as protect against Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, liver disease, cystic fibrosis, HIV, cancer, heart attack and stroke. "One sweet potato a day is a great alternative to the traditional variety," says Clark.


"I think of tomatoes as the 'fighting herpes helper' for the divorcé crowd," says Petersen. Their lycopene content can also help protect against degenerative diseases. "Cooked tomatoes and tomato paste work best," he says. Shoot for half a tomato, or 12 to 20 ounces of tomato juice, a day.


Packed with potassium, manganese, and antioxidants, this fruit also helps support proper pH levels in the body, making it more difficult for pathogens to invade, says Petersen. Plus, the fiber in figs can lower insulin and blood-sugar levels, reducing the risk of diabetes and metabolic syndrome. Select figs with dark skins (they contain more nutrients) and eat them alone or add them to trail mix. Newman's Own Fig Newmans are also a quick and easy way to boost the immune system. Aim for four figs per week.

Mushrooms (reiki, shiitake, maitake)

Delicious when added to brown rice or quinoa, these mushrooms are rich in the antioxidant ergothioneine, which protects cells from abnormal growth and replication. "In short, they reduce the risk of cancer," says Bowerman, who recommends half a cup once or twice a week. "Cooking them in red wine, which contains the antioxidant resveratrol, magnifies their immunity-boosting power."


The juice from the biblical fruit of many seeds can reduce your risk of most cancers, thanks to polyphenols called ellagitannins, which give the fruit its color. In fact, a recent study at UCLA found that pomegranate juice slows the growth of prostate cancer cells by a factor of six. "Drink a cup a day," says Bowerman.

Article Source: http://health.msn.com/

Understanding Secured Loans and Its Implications

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Understanding Secured Loans and Its Implications

Author: Gen Wright
Homeowner secured loans are dubbed as second charge loans or second charge lending. Tracing the roots, a charge was registered on land registry each time a credit is secured on the property. Mortgage lenders get the honor of possessing the first charge. Secured loans have the second charge. This explains the coinage.

Secured loans are repaid on a monthly basis. This is the general practice but one can vacillate from the payment structure. Sometimes the lender comes to a consensus with the borrower over other methods of payments. These can be over payments and lump sum payments. In few cases it gets even better. A borrower can withdraw funds from the account; this can be done on a rolling basis given that one stays within the credit limit.

Secured loan lenders serve generous offerings. This is only apparent generosity because at the end, it does not make much difference. The bounty can come in the form of payment holidays or payment interruptions. This allows a borrower the opportunity to defer payments. This implies taking a structuring break. A borrower can also opt for a payment holiday at an intermediate stage of the loan. Interest though, invariably keeps mounting and hence we get larger payment figures when we opt to pay again.

The point as to how much one can borrow largely depends upon one?s credit rating and calculations pertaining to payment-power. A person can end up borrowing higher than what he initially imagines owing to the lack of conventional income multiples. With a stable credit rating, borrowing a sum that is 125% of the value of a property is not unheard of. Poor credit rating can still let one amass 90% of the property value. The largesse includes existing mortgage plus the secured loan and must be underwritten. Secured loan can be made available anywhere between 5000 pounds and 250000 pounds.

Though the loans are lucratively placed and highly luring, they also ask of reasonable credit history and rating. So in the event of one?s frequently changing address or lacking credit history, the loans become difficult to be procured. Further, self-employed people find it comparatively harder to avail such loans.

Lenders are also known to indulge in mercy-calling. They thus help people with poor circumstances attain the benefit of secured loans. This is on a high interest rate though.

Processing and approval are generally done expeditiously and bend towards being consumer-friendly. Datasheets reject or approve of loans immediately. This is because the credit report of each citizen is available at a small click of the mouse. Furthermore, the processing bit is completed through subtle verifications. People failing in such verifications can still avail off the loans given that they can attest to their mode of repayment. Such people can face severe financial problems in the event of default.

Debt and Debt Management For Parents

Debt and Debt Management For Parents

Author: Melanie Taylor
Three quarters of parents have debts in the form of loans, credit card debts and overdrafts, according to 'Families and the credit crunch 2008', a report released in November by the Family and Parenting Institute, based on a YouGov survey of more than 5,000 parents.

The average debt, apparently, is £8,400, but parents don't just owe money to companies - according to the survey, a full 25% have borrowed money from (or been given money by) their own parents in the last year.

The survey also reported some other worrying findings. For example: that 1 in 4 parents found their household income wasn't enough to pay the monthly bills; that 1 in 10 are worried about the household's main breadwinner being made redundant in the next 6 months; and that 3.6% of parents with mortgages thought it was very likely or fairly likely that their home would be repossessed within the next year.

Against a backdrop of record personal debt, parents are particularly worried about paying the heating bills (47%), paying the rent or mortgage (36%) and paying the food bills (31%).

Mary MacLeod, Chief Executive of the Family and Parenting Institute: "Families up and down the country are finding it hard to balance their budgets. Many also have a heavy burden of debt. Parents say they feel under stress as they struggle to clothe and feed the children and find money for school trips yet need to cut back to manage within their income. This can put a big strain on relationships. Even more of a strain is the pervasive fear that they will be out of work or even lose their home."

"With today's high cost of living, record levels of debt and worries about the nation's economic health," said a spokesperson for Debt Advisers Direct, "it's no surprise we're hearing such gloomy answers to surveys like this.

"There may, however, be debt solutions which could help some parents reduce their monthly expenditure. A debt consolidation loan, debt management plan or IVA (Individual Voluntary Arrangement), for example, could help them bring their expenditure back in line with their income."

Even though debt consolidation, debt management and IVAs all address unsecured debts (unsecured loans, overdrafts, credit cards, etc.), they can nonetheless help people keep up with payments to their secured debts (mortgage, secured loans, etc.).

With debt consolidation, for example, people basically pay off their existing unsecured debts by taking out a single new loan large enough to pay them all off in one go. This allows them to arrange to repay the new loan at a rate they can afford, freeing up the money they need for their secured debts and other essential expenses.

With IVAs and professional debt management plans, the borrower asks debt experts to negotiate with their creditors, asking them to accept lower, affordable payments.IVAs and professional debt management plans are very different debt solutions, but they do have similarities: if the creditors accept the terms, the individual will agree to pay as much as they can (i.e. their entire disposable income) every month, and the creditors agree to accept that, even though it's less than the monthly payments they originally agreed on.

"Debt management plans, debt consolidation loans and IVAs are very different, and suit people in different circumstances - so if someone's facing debt problems, the first thing they should do is seek professional debt advice from an organisation that really understands the pros and cons of each."

3 Ways In Which Forex Online Trading Can Make Money For You

3 Ways In Which Forex Online Trading Can Make Money For You

Author: Steven Jacobs
There are obviously way for than just 3 ways for Forex online trading and how it can make money

for you but for obvious reasons of space I cannot possibly fit it all into one article. I will say this for the market - something that has a turnover of over $3 trillion dollars, even in these uncertain times really puts across the notion that the currency market will always be there as a force to turn pain into profit. It just depends on which side you are on the market and how smart your investments
are. Which brings us to the first rule of investing in Forex. Always be able to read and predict the market because it moves in patterns that may surprise you. How the market responds to crisis or upturns really follows a general set rule. Markets will be affected, some will be strengthened initially and some will crash.

This is inevitable and from where the point of origin is , you can usually find the root of the problem and trace your decisions from there. This rationale has been driving the market for years and years - which causes it to be one of the most sensitive markets around. You have to understand that even the potential of something happening in the world, be it political or economic can drive market psychology to excitable levels. The entire market is filled with investment conglomerates and individual brokerages who are effectively bipolar and instantly schizophrenic - and the very fact that this attitude remains consistent throughout is what drives it toward a predictable pattern. Smart investors step outside the box and look at the market as a whole. Its always best to have a bird's eye view of the factors outside the market before making any final trading decisions.

They also hold the world in the hands and see how its shadow falls on the market. That way, they an make informed decisions about trading and make money. For those of you who wants to try out online trading with Forex, a word from the wise says simply that you must always look to joining a brokerage company that can offer you training, assistance every step of the way 9for the first few investments at least) and of course a Forex systems programme that is informative, easy to use and can give you real life computations and price feeds as well as gentle advices on where you should be placing your investment dollars.

The Forex market is highly dynamic and it requires quite a bit of diligence to effectively turn your investments into quick profit. This is not a play it as you go system where you can leave to chance. Chance wont be filling your bank account and chance will sure not be there when you have lost a large sum. Be attentive to the market and never fall prey to the gambling endemic that has afflicted many Forex investors over the years. Practice self-restraint and the Forex online trading market will be your most pleasant bedfellow. Good luck!



Unsecured and Secured Loans – the Differences

Unsecured and Secured Loans – the Differences

Author: Jenny Austin
Do you know the differences between unsecured and secured loans? If you are looking around for a loan you will be faced with these terms frequently. Do you know which type of loan will suit you in your current situation?

It can be difficult for the average consumer to make their way through the process of obtaining a loan when faced with all of this terminology, often we simply let whomever is the professional involved guide us. Really we should make it our business to understand the differences between these types of loan and ensure we choose one which suits our requirements; after all we will be paying for it. These two main types of loan can be broken down into simple to understand points.

An Unsecured loan is one which does not require any security what so ever, not even your home. It is not difficult to obtain an Unsecured Loan but the Lender will require that you have a low debt to income ratio and a good credit rating. With a Unsecured Loan the Lender will believe that you will be able to repay the Loan amount as agreed, you will have to prove financial stability. You can expect the interest you pay to be higher than you would be charged on a Secured Loan, this is because this type of Loan is classed as a higher risk by the Lender. Unsecured Loans can take many forms such as Student Loans, Personal Loans and even some Home Improvement Loans.

A Secured Loan involves the Lender requiring you to secure the Loan with something, such as the consumer’s car or home. This means that you are providing collateral to the Lender, which in turn means should you not pay the Lender, has rights to whatever object you have used as security. For many consumers a Secured Loan is the preferred rate as they normally offer a lower rate of interest compared to Unsecured Loans, also many consumers do not have the credit or funds to get an Unsecured Loan.

Which Loan is suitable for you is very much dependent on your circumstances and what you require the Loan for. If you only need to borrow a small amount of money, perhaps you want to completely revamp your garden then an Unsecured Loan is probably the most suitable. Secured Loans have many forms such as mortgages, homeowner secured loans, equity release loans and bridging finance. Other Secured Loans include car and boat loans as well as home improvement loans.

Using a Secured Loan is the best option to buy your home this does not mean you need to put up collateral to purchase your home as your home is the collateral. Should you not make your payments then you could lose your home. The same principal applies if you are purchasing a new or used car, the car is the collateral for the lender and should you not make your payments the car will be turned over to the Lender.

Secured and Unsecured Loans have many uses usually life changing purchases such as homes and cars come under Secured Loans and everything else falls under Unsecured Loans. Obviously you can only obtain an Unsecured Loan if you have a good enough credit score it is best to browse and find at least three comparisons for cost so you can be sure that whatever loan you opt for you are getting the best available deal.

My Secret Recipe For Home Business Success.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

My Secret Recipe For Home Business Success.

by: Michael Ditch
A few months ago I decided to jump into an online marketing business. I thought that it couldn't be all that difficult to make money online. The genius in me thought that I would be able to figure this marketing thing out. After all it wasn't exactly rocket science.

I've spent hours promoting my web site. I began dropping my links, and submitted my advertisements, here and there, trying to sell products to earn a commission. As the days turned to months, I was quickly getting little, or nothing for my efforts. Frustrated, and disgusted with the results that I was having, I was ready to throw in the towel.

The methods that I used to promote my business did not produce the results that I wanted to see. But just the same I kept right on doing those same things over, and over again. In order to produce the results that I desired, I had to change. Of course, to change, I had to learn a different way of doing things. That also meant that I had to be open to learning new ideas.

So for me it was right back to school learning the basics. The only problem was, I never really started there to begin with.

The most basic ideas can have a profound affect on your success. Here’s a rule that I now live by. It is a rule that is very basic, but has been very helpful with keeping me on track, and it has given me something to always shoot for.

I have discovered the importance of writing down my goals, and yes it has to be written down. If you do not write them down it might get forgotten, or lost, that translates into wasted time. A written goal on the other hand can pave the road to success, and here is how. I write down a short-term goal like this one. I want to make $100 dollars this month. I then write underneath what I need to do to achieve that goal. In this case I would have to sell X amount of products, or services to make that $100. Then I jot down the individual steps that I need to take to sell that quantity of products, or services.

Example: My Goal is to make $100 dollars this month.
I need to sell 15 of this product.
Step 1: Advertise by pay per click!
Step 2: Learn how to use pay per click!
Step 3: Tell my prospects about my product. Ect…

By doing this very simple exercise you create a road map, a checklist to follow. Now we have a direct path that will lead us to accomplishing the goal that we set out for ourselves. The concept is very basic, and it works every time. As you walk through each step you come one step closer to achieving that goal. By achieving that goal you have just witnessed success.

There are more things that will need to happen before you see absolute success, but writing down your goals it is a good place to start. You may want to brush up on your online marketing skills. I found a single web site that has made it much easier for me to sell products on-line. Thanks to my new resource I am getting taught the A,B,C’s to online marketing. You see the other things that need to happen for anyone to see success is being taught the fundamentals. The fundamentals are the foundation of which everything is built on.

Not too long ago I was on the fast track to failure because of the way my mind was programmed. I had FEAR, “The Fear Of Money”. I was so afraid of losing money, the fear was stopping me from making money. This same fear is guilty, for stopping countless people, from even trying to make their vision become a reality.

I know that in this business I am not alone when it comes to fear. So if you have home business, and you experience this fear you will have to reprogram the way you think. This fear will most certainly hold you back from making your piece of the Internet’s wealth.

Instead of fearing losing money promoting your business, and products. "Concentrate more on the making money part"! The thought of making money sounds, and feels better much than the thought of losing money.

Think what steps do I need to take to sell this product, or service. How can I tell everyone about my web site. I suggest doing a little research there are many ways to attract people to a web sit. I like writing articles, using pay per click services, sending emails out with funny jokes signed with love and please visit my web site at http://www….com. Have faith in your products. If you have good products they will sell themselves with a little help from you ad page.

Remember if you build it they will come. If you don’t they won’t Most importantly honor you vision. Donald Trump said if you want to be successful "love what you do!" We are always good at things that we love to do. That’s why it is important to love it, or leave it!

Working A Home Business

Working A Home Business

by: Jeff Schuman
Are you ? Chances are you already know that you’re really pulling “double duty”. You probably work on your business while doing the laundry, corralling the kids, or fixing dinner... and let’s not forget all the phone calls from family and friends expecting you to run errands or just "go out" for an afternoon of fun.

One of the hardest parts of working a home business is separating your work from your family and social life. Here are six proven ways to keep your home life running smoothly while keeping your business on track.

1. First, create a work schedule and stick with it. It may be tempting to answer personal calls during the day or take business calls after-hours, but doing this actually shows that you’re expendable – not dependable – and people will take for granted that you’ll “always be there” for any little things that come up. Even though family comes first, stay true to your business hours and resist the urge to chat with friends or pick up groceries during working hours.

2. Your friends may consider “working at home” an invitation to chat during the day or just go out for coffee or shopping for an afternoon. Make it clear that your business hours are just that – for business. Leave personal calls for after-hours, and you’ll find that your friends will gradually accept your schedule without feeling slighted.

3. Just because you have to set up a work schedule, doesn’t mean that you have to keep the same hours as everyone else. One of the benefits of working for yourself is setting your own hours to fit your most productive times. Whether you’re an early bird or a night owl, you’ll find that you’ll get much more done when you’re attuned to your body’s own natural rhythms. Some people work in the morning, take a break in the afternoon when the kids are home from school, and work again in the evening. Schedule your work time when you feel the most productive and you’ll find that things get done easier, faster and better than when you were dragging along during those same rigid work hours that everyone else has.

4. If getting after-hours business calls or work day personal calls is a problem, it helps to have a separate business phone line, or at least an answering machine or voice mail, to take the incoming calls. This also gives your business a more professional appearance to clients than if you and your family make and receive calls from the same phone line.

5. If at all possible, try to separate your “home office” from the rest of your home. If you don’t have the luxury of a separate room, a room partition or screen can be just as helpful. This also serves as a visual cue to family that you’re working and shouldn’t be bothered.

6. Dress and act professionally while working. Some people find it helpful to dress in casual business attire during their working hours. This reinforces that just because you’re working from home doesn’t make you any less of a professional. Answer the phone with your name, or business name, and keep your children off the phone during business hours. Also, spend money investing in the tools you need to do your job right. A cell phone, fax machine or even a budget computer can help turn your home office into a true workspace.

If you follow all of these tips and stick with them, chances are you’ll find a routine that not only makes you feel productive and active when working your business, but also projects the message that you mean business.

Businesses to make fast money

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Businesses to make fast money

Businesses to make fast money are the most popular request by those who are considering the option of self employment but do not have much start up capital. This type of opportunity can be as simple as buying a fax machine, home computer, creating office space within a house, and upgrading when the funds become available. Home businesses to make fast money can include such career choices as writing, web development and design, selling products on an auction website for a fee, taking online surveys, or direct telemarketing. There are other types require that the business owner leave the home for the service.

An example of this would be housecleaning. A housecleaning home business to make fast money can be operated from home, but the actual service of cleaning a home must be done at the clients' place of residence. Seeking out different choices can be done by leafing through entrepreneur or franchise opportunity publications, a quick Internet keyword search, or reading the classifieds in a local newspaper. Many owners that use this have a direct deposit set up to their banking account. This can be done directly through the client, or through a service on the Internet that allows owners to gather all revenue in one place, and at the end of each day deposit into their account. With technology increasing daily and advanced telecommunications systems available, these opportunities are developing in areas that were traditionally not a "get rich quick" industry. Those that see the potential gain in utilizing the technology to their advantage are creating a diversified and creative job market. Writing from home has never been easier. With email so popular, sending attachments of a letter, a book or any other form of written communications takes the place of sending and faxing. Clients can receive their written projects almost instantaneously.

Creative writing, poetry, commercial writing, copy writing, and journalism are just a few ways to create wealth. Writing is also strategically used in selling items on Internet auction sites. This can be an extremely lucrative home business to make fast money where the owner will charge a percentage of what the item sells for. Long gone are the days of placing something for sale in the classifieds section. The ability to reach people all over the globe, and the speed with which packages can be delivered around the world enable people to come together and sell each other items that they may not normally be able to buy in their area. Charging a percentage of the price the item sold for allows an instant paycheck when the buyer releases the funds.

The only downside to survey taking is that the company will most likely require a preliminary survey before the actual survey is given. This allows for the company to be sure the survey taker is at least familiar with the product or would be likely to buy the product in the future. Companies may allow a fast paycheck, but may not allow a consistent paycheck. It is important for a person searching for a home business to make fast money to determine what their financial needs are before investing anything. Switching from a stable consistent paycheck to an erratic paycheck may not be desirable, or easily managed. Careful consideration should be taken before jumping into businesses to make fast money with both feet." Through wisdom a house is builded; and by understanding it is established." (Proverbs 24:3)

This type of opportunity is much like a consignment business where the seller is only paid when the item is sold. The use of the Internet to sell objects has provided a much faster selling process which allows millions of buyers to purchase any item they desire right away. The shipping time is dependent upon how much extra they want to contribute to the shipping costs. In some cases the seller will pay basic standard bulk rate shipping. An online auction is a growing trend and a great way to make money quick. There are other opportunities that do not require the sale of any items. These home business to make fast money companies can come in the form of online survey taking, or website referral ads. Taking online surveys from a variety of companies can quickly add up. These surveys take anywhere from 10 minutes to 1 hour to complete and pay between $1 and $15.

Home based businesses that make money

Home based businesses that make money

Home based businesses that make money are a great way for individuals, especially a stay-at-home parent to make additional income for the family. One way to make extra cash without leaving the house that is proving to be very popular now is the use of an auction style website to sell products. Whether it's an antique something, a computer someone wants to get rid of, or a book, these used items can be sold online. New products are also offered, and the variety seems endless. One can choose to create items or buy and sell items. Most of the work through these sites can be done in a matter of minutes with Internet access, some personal information, a digital camera, and a sale item.

Another home business money making opportunity is writing. Writing can be done for a variety of reasons or purposes, depending on the skills, knowledge, and desires of the person who is doing the writing. Most importantly, it too can be done without ever leaving one's house. Many home based businesses that make money are fun, exciting, and allow the person to be creative and independent.

Many parents of young children find residence-based businesses that make money to be very attractive. This allows the parent to stay with the child or children and make extra cash at the same time. Watching the children grow, being with them on a daily basis, sharing memories, and building a lasting relationship can be one of the greatest gifts possible through a home-based venture. Making additional income for bills, expenses, savings, or just for fun will be a huge asset to the spouse and the family. This could also make it possible for the spouse working away from the house to spend less time at the workplace because of the added income.

There is money to be saved by working out of one's house. For instance, everyone can save gas by staying at their residence; childcare bills will not be an issue since the children will be staying at their house; special clothing for work is unnecessary because with a the home business money making opportunity there is no need to leave the house, meet people face to face, or purchase office attire. There are numerous benefits that can be received by the person who chooses to look at a home business money making opportunity.

A home business money making opportunity is perfect for the person who doesn't feel a need for personal interactions on a daily basis. A person has to be comfortable working alone. Technology is one of the most important parts of the home based businesses that make money. The use of the Internet is a great way to develop and maintain this kind of enterprise. On the other hand, there are Internet businesses that have a lot of interaction along with the computer contacts. Telephone calls to potential clients, or to bring in new salespeople into the business are part of some of these at home ventures. For the "born salesman" this is a good niche. There are ways to use the particular talents one happens to have to generate added income to the family coffers.

Another way to make extra cash at the house that can generate income for the family is enterprise that requires the businessman or woman to perform sales demonstrations outside the house occasionally. Many companies selling cosmetics, candles, dishes, and other items use the help of representatives who work through the residence based ventures to sell these products. Most of the work can be completed at one's house with the need to have parties or demonstrations from time to time. Much of the work can be done through the Internet to purchase the product, sell the product, and maintain a website for customers to find information on the available products. This is a great way to pursue home based businesses that make money.

In summary, a way to make dollars at one's house is very important for the man or woman who is a stay-at-home parent. The parent has the ability to spend valuable time with children as they grow up. Also, the individual can pursue home based businesses that make extra cash in order to supplement the income brought in by the spouse who is working outside the one's house. One popular way to make extra cash without leaving the house is an auction of personal items or crafts. This is a very simple way to generate an income in a very quick and efficient manner. Home based enterprises may sometimes mean the operator of the enterprise must perform duties outside the one's house. Demonstrations or purchasing products are some examples of these types of duties requiring some work outside the residence. Finding the most suitable way to make extra cash at a person's house may be difficult for that person, but with a little perseverance and faith, opportunities will arise. "The thoughts of the diligent tend only to plenteousness; but of every one that is hasty only to want." (Proverbs 21:5)

Making Money with Affiliate Programs

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Making Money with Affiliate Programs

by: Tamara Williams
If we are all honest, most of us would do anything to live a life where we work from home, decide what hours we will work, when we will get up in the morning to how much we earn, right?

Wouldn't it be great to get paid based on how well you perform? Imagine going in to work and because you chose to give more than 100% that day, your boss decided to pay you more money!

Let's face it aswell, life is very short and you only get one chance to live it out the way you want to live it out. Doing a 9-5 job or pulling gruelling 12hr shifts doesn't add to your life it takes away from it.

That is why so many people today are turning to affiliate marketing for extra income. This billion dollar industry over the past year has soared in leaps and bounds with more people spending money around the holiday shopping season. So how you benefit from being an affiliate marketer?

It all begins with Getting Started!

Sometimes the hardest step is the first one we take.

That's no joke, and being an affiliate marketer is no exception. When you set out to start your online career as a successful affiliate marketer, there are going to be many ups and downs that are going to make you want to give up. Let's face it being your own boss, being strict with how you spend your time and balancing your home and work life is going to be a challenge at time.

Don't be put off by that as their will be times when you are making money while you sleep and waking up in the morning to find you have made an extra hundred dollars or two is always thrilling. Keep in mind all the days you have made more than you expected as those times will help you through any rough patches. Believe you can do it, surround yourself with positive people and learn from those who are doing well at it, and do it on a regular basis.

One of the things you are going to want to do right at the start is get good information from an affiliate marketer who is working from home and managing to consistently earn a living from affiliate programs.

Also you will want to set aside time each day even if it is only 1hr to spend learning the ins and outs of what to do and what not to do. It is very easy to rush head first into something and end up on the other side out of pocket and frustrated.

Realize you will need to invest in your business

The phrase " It takes money to make money" is without a doubt the truth, but that is not to say you cant make money online without spending hundreds of dollars. There are numerous ways going about it, but the hard fast rules of advertising have always been the same througout the ages.

If you don't have enough money to buy software like a website creator, there are many free software packages out their though places like download.com which allow you to make a website. Heck even Netscape the free browser comes with a website creator.

So what things will you need to get started?

Well there are no hard fast rules but having a

Website editor like frontpage or dreamweaver
Domain name through namecheap.com
Hosting through hostgator.com or one of the various hosting companies out there.
Internet connection are really some of the main things, I mean you can use someone elses computer if you really need to.

Realize that Affiliate Marketing is a booming industry that continues to grow everyday. A few resources you might want to check out when your first starting out is.

Abestweb affiliate forum
Ozemedia forum
Commission Junction

It takes time, patience and consistency but the pay off is awesome when you roll out of bed at 10:00 a.m.

What’s Fibonacci Forex Trading?

Friday, November 21, 2008

What’s Fibonacci Forex Trading?

by: Adrian Pablo
Fibonacci forex trading is the basis of many forex trading systems used by a great number of professional forex brokers around the globe, and many billions of dollars are profitable traded every year based on these trading techniques.

Fibonacci was an Italian mathematician and he is best remembered by his world famous Fibonacci sequence, the definition of this sequence is that it’s formed by a series of numbers where each number is the sum of the two preceding numbers; 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13 ...But in the case of currency trading what is more important for the forex trader is the Fibonacci ratios derived from this sequence of numbers, i.e. .236, .50, .382, .618, etc.

These ratios are mathematical proportions prevalent in many places and structures in nature, as well as in many man made creations.

Forex trading can greatly benefit form this mathematical proportions due to the fact that the oscillations observed in forex charts, where prices are visibly changing in an oscillatory pattern, follow Fibonacci ratios very closely as indicators of resistance and support levels; maybe not to the last cent, but so close as to be really amazing.

Fibonacci price points, or levels, for any forex currency pair can be calculated in advance so that the trader will know when to enter or exit the market if the prediction given by the Fibonacci forex day trading system he uses fulfills its predictions.

Many people tries to make this analysis overly complicated scaring away many new forex traders that are just beginning to understand how the forex market works and how to make a profit in it. But this is not how it has to be. I can’t say it’s a simple concept but it is quite understandable for any trader once he or she has grasped the basics and has had some practice trading using Fibonacci levels along with other secondary indicators that will help to improve the accuracy of the entry and exit point for every particular trade.

Free chapters of a forex day trading system can be downloaded at the author's website in case you are interested in learning more about Fibonacci forex trading.

The New World Currency

The New World Currency

by: Matt Sherborne
Do you ever consider the possibility that the money you work so hard for could be gone from your pocketbook in the next few years?

Quicker then you might think, currency as we know it, is changing. Necessity for efficiency is transforming the flow of cash into a digital form.

The use of e-currency is quickly spreading throughout the world. Everyday, more and more people are making purchases online. These purchases are being facilitated by companies like Paypal, E-Bullion, E-Gold and Net Pay. The digital age is definitely upon us, and with the new forms of commerce, comes new forms of opportunity.

With the advent of these E-currency companies, trade between different countries is suddenly becoming easier and more profitable. New products and services are quickly filling the need for the flow of money. The one constant still remaining is the ever present, currency exchange rates. To avoid these fluctuations and exchange fees, companies have facilitated their transactions with the global currency of gold.

Some online e-currency companies now tout that their holdings are 100% backed by gold. This no longer is true for any of the national currencies now in existence. The United States for example, has not had 100% of their currency backed by gold, since the end of the gold standard in 1914. The value of the U.S dollar continues to decline, as the value of gold rises steadily.

Due to national inflation, the cash you hold in your hand will continue to lose value. Unfortunately, there is not nearly enough gold to cover all of the paper money holdings. That money you hold in your hand is basically a loan from the government. The tenet of many governments, when they fall on hard times, is to print more money. This fact has led to the desire for more worldwide corporations to embrace the idea of a worldwide currency.

To accommodate the demand to trade goods and services between Countries, many companies have been created. The increased need for exchanging has created lucrative opportunities within the e-currency exchanging markets. A global currency exchange is evolving that knows no boundaries or national borders.

While gold remains the standard for many worldwide transactions, there still exists a need to transfer funds from, existing national currency, into gold and vice versa. There also exists the need for different e-currencies to be exchanged among themselves. This need has created a void that has enabled average people to cash in on.

Trading e-currency has filled the demand for these transactions to be completed efficiently, while enabling certain people in the know, a lucrative business opportunity. Those people who understand the system can leverage their funds to facilitate the transactions while pocketing a sizable commission.

The future is unknown for paper money as we know it. However, one thing is certain, those who are the market-makers of the new system that evolves will be the biggest winners of the new millennium.

Myths About Starting Your Own Small Business

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Myths About Starting Your Own Small Business

by: Daegan Smith
Before you jump into small business entrepreneurship, consider first the following myths which we will debunk.

1. Starting a Small Business is Easier Work

This isn’t true. You'll probably work harder. A small business needs more work to survive. However, the potential to earn is more. The difference is, at work you would balk at overtime. With your small business, you may actually enjoy working overtime because you are caring for your own business.

2. MYTH: I'll be the boss.
You may be the boss of your company. But you will still have to please someone else: the client. So in truth, they are the boss. Make sure you keep them happy and well served.

3. MYTH: I Can Now Ratchet Up My Asking Price

We often think that we work too much and are paid too little. When starting a small business we may be tempted to think that we can now push for a price more befitting our skills. However, we should remember that we have competition who might be offering their services for a pretty low amount. We always have to be competitive and practical. And exorbitant pricing may not help our small business any much.

4. MYTH: I Don’t Have to Deal with People I Don’t Like Anymore!

Unfortunately, no. You might find that the clients you now have may be pushier than your boss. And as we said in number 1, your clients are your boss. The goal here is for you to have more and more clients. So from here does it follow that the more the clients, the more the bosses, the more the headaches?

5. MYTH: I Own My Time!

Yes, you do own your time. Unfortunately you will find yourself using more and more of this time to tend to your business. So ultimately, no, you won’t gain much in the time department.

6. MYTH: I can't work any harder. I can't do all this.

Do you know that they most managers give more jobs to busy employees because they seem to know how to balance and allocate their time? The key to working more is to work smarter, not harder.

This will take a lot of organization, but being able to accomplish much in less time will prove to be its own reward.

7. MYTH: Freedom at Last!

Free from what? And free to do what. Yes, you will have more leeway to do things when you want to. But this does not mean that you will be free to do nothing. Or be free to do something else than tend to your business when you have to.

8. MYTH: I’m in Charge. There’ll be No Mismanagement from Me.

You may think that your boss was foolish not to listen to your suggestions regarding work. But unless you are on the hot seat, you will not appreciate how hard management really is.

9. MYTH: If I'm good, I'll be a success immediately.
The unfortunate reality of life is that sometimes, talent and hard work are not rewarded. However, if one is patient with his or her small business, the chance that that business will turn out to be a success increases. So always be practical in your expectations of success. Don’t count your chicks when the eggs haven’t hatched yet.

10. MYTH: I Can Motivate Myself

No man is an island, remember? In any business, your first line of security is your friends and family members. They will help you assess yourself and should be ready with a kind word or two to motivate you to start your own business. But aside from them you should be driven yourself. Without this drive you might not find the fortitude needed to weather the trials that beset starting businesses.

Make Money at Home - Learn the Secrets Before Starting...

Make Money at Home - Learn the Secrets Before Starting...

by: Michael A Fowler, M.B.A.
To a lot of people, network Marketing seems an arduous task. But it doesn't have to be that way. Networking can be very rewarding and you can have fun while learning how to make money at home.

Advertising can be accomplished in many different ways. Car stickers to sign posts and beer mats have been used consistently. Business cards coveniently placed in Hotels, Taxi Ranks, Airport departure lounges and hundreds of other suitable venues have produced good results. Making money online doesn't have to be pursued online.

To make money on the Internet, you just have to communicate through all the known mediums available. Be proud of what you represent and make sure that others know you are proud of your business. If you aren't proud of it, then go find something else that you can be proud of representing.

You do not need a highly priced business to make money on the internet. In fact, the lower the price, the more interest your business will receive.

Now this is where people go astray ... Network Marketing is about leverage. It is not about signing up thousands of people in your first week. It's about finding just a few people who find a few people ... and so on.

Remember, the drop out rate for highly priced businesses are substantially more than for the lower priced options. Affordability is a key factor in retaining your associates and your associates are the key factors that allow you to make money at home. Looking after, supporting and mentoring those associates should be your prime purpose in life. They are the people who will ensure your success.

In some businesses, you will not find any support whatsoever. Those are the ones to avoid. Also take a look and see if there is a good marketing system in place. If there isn't, you could run up a sizeable bill in marketing your business with external resources.

Remember, the whole point in starting and maintaining your business is to make money, not to spend it on resources that should have come with the business model.

While automation plays a part in todays marketing environment, it is the personal touches that make the sale. That follow up phone call to say hello, makes a whole lot of difference between success and failure.

To make money online, you have to communicate with those who have taken an interest in your business and you have to assure them that you are the person they need as a sponsor. Are you that dependable person?

Make Money on the Internet by Starting Now!

Make Money on the Internet by Starting Now!

by: Michael A Fowler, M.B.A.
Some of the most successful businesses in existence today started in a box room, bedroom or garage. It isn't how you start out to make money at home that is important.

What really matters is that you had the courage to begin.

With a home based business, you are your own boss, or your own worst enemy.

It is now your responsibility to do things that will build your business, instead of someone else’s. To make money online, you must be online. Basic but true information...

You now have what millions of others do not have, the flexibility to work your own hours.

Although you may think life will become so much better, you will need to put in more hours than normal to start things rolling. Then to keep it rolling...

Sure, making money on the Internet may seem easy but if you don’t focus, or do things correctly, you will soon be looking for another job.

Make sure there is a market for the product or service you are promoting. Be cautious before you invest any money, because things on the Internet are not always as true as they seem.

When you are working at home, you can arrange your work schedule around your family, without worrying about sacrificing either.

Just think about the benefits of working and making money online from home and the freedom of setting your own schedule.

No commuting back and forth in traffic. No dressing up for the workplace.

Another incentive is that if you become successful and you worked with a large group of people who still have a job they hate, your own success would certainly get them interested as well.

“He makes money on the Internet” – “Works at home” – “Doesn’t have to bother getting up early” – “Takes time off when he pleases”

The actions you perform today, will determine your tomorrow.

How’s your tomorrow looking?

Income Ideas and Money Making Magic

Income Ideas and Money Making Magic

by: Kay Forgione
Instant Income Generators:There are obviously many ways to make money online, some simple, some quite complicated...

If you're relatively new to Internet marketing, this 5-part course is particularly suited for you. It detailsone of the most simple, yet most effective formulas for making money online that you'll find. Trust me, if this course can work for my dad, a retired naval officer who knows next to nothing about online marketing, it can work for you if you simply put it to use.

...So with that, let's get started! Affiliate programs, most of which are free to join, can be an excellent way to make money online. But they, like anything else, require use of the proper tools and resources if you're to expect any kind of significant success.

That's the thing. Way too many people hope or even expect to make money online without any type of investment. I can tell you right now, if that is what you're expecting, you might as well call it quits before you even get started. I am only being honest!

What you should expect is a modest investment of your time and (ideally) money. Though you can succeed without investing a dime, it will likely take you significantly longer than if you're willing to set aside a small budget specifically for online advertising.

Now, the first step in our 5 part formula is to find one or several good affiliate programs to join. As an affiliate, your job is simply to send visitors to the website hosting the affiliate programs. For each visitor you send who then decides to order, you are paid a commission.

Affiliate programs are attractive for beginners in particular because you don't have to worry about processing payments, delivering products, & etc. And again, most affiliate programs cost absolutely nothing to participate in. Indeed, these are advantages for most any person looking to make money online, beginner or otherwise.

However... In order to make significant amounts of money through affiliate programs, you'll still need the proper tools and resources. We'll cover those later.

Right now it's time to choose your first affiliate program! You can find various affiliate program directories by doing a search for 'affiliate program directory', 'associate program directory', etc., at Google.com.

Here is a good directory to start with:


Now, when choosing affiliate programs, here are 10 keys to look for:

1. Ideally, choose an affiliate program that promotes products or services you enjoy!

2. Choose a program that offers high commissions, preferably 30% or higher.

3. Look for programs that offer residual, weekly or monthly income.

4. Look for a program that offers a product you would purchase yourself. Chances are, if you're interested in the product,many others are as well.

5. Look for a program with a good sales conversion rate. You can email the program operator and ask for statistics and proof of sales conversion rates.

6. Choose an affiliate program that provides a good set of promotional tools and resources that you can use to promote the program.

7. Look for a program that caters to a growing market or target audience.

8. Watch out for pyramid schemes. Participate only in programs that offer real, viable products.

9. Look for a program that targets a wide audience - not a small niche that could be saturated quickly.

10. Look for a programs that pay. Luckily, it's a small percentage, but there are dishonest program operators out there. If necessary, ask the program operator for the contact info of a few other affiliates.

So, if Internet marketing and making money online is "your thing" and I'll assume it is since you're reading this course, I highly recommend signing up for the PBP affiliate program as I'm confident it will be one of your top performing programs. And don't forget, it will never cost you a penny to join and participate as a PBP affiliate. You are offered the same commissions as monthly members!

Tax Tips For Small Businesses

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Tax Tips For Small Businesses

by: Baron Grove
The INTERNAL REVENUE SERVICE has come out with a especial(a) program known as STEP, or Belittled Stage business Taxation Education that you tin read to understand the overall taxation structure. At that place are a few things that tin can be done to make sure that the process of filing your taxes is smooth and easy. New York, NY (PRWEB) April 6, 2005 tips Don’t the complexities involved in doing your taxes bug you, specially, if you own a belittled stage business. Following and getting familiarized with the guidelines laid down by the for diminished businesses is very crucial. In case you hire other employees for your occupation, you should attach two forms on your, as well as your employee’s, behalf. The W-4 form gives the details of the withholding allowance and the filing status of your employee to the .

W-4 form is better known as the Employee’s Withholding Allowance Certificate. The other of import document to be filled up is the Form I-9 that gives the proof of eligibility of every employee to work in the United States. It’s besides known as the Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) certification. In case you’ve any confusions or queries regarding filling up these forms, you toilet directly call up the INS. In that location lavatory be nothing like getting familiarized with the burdensome procedures for little businesses.

You lav directly contact the either by calling them, or by mailing them online. You’ll then be able to get the information that you motivation on the deductions that you motive to make, the cost of depreciation on your machinery, and queries on how to fill up the different forms. Logging on to the Diminished Byplay website might answer your questions. The has framed a particular(a) program known as STEP, or Little Occupation Task Education that you john go through to understand the overall structure. Thither are many state governments that offer limited deduction packages to many minor line of work owners.

You privy check from the local authorities approximately these incentives and fill up your forms. Be careful close to classifying your employees in forms. Sometimes the mixes up the actual employees with the contractors. Therefore, you should be clear just about the process of classification. Another tip for modest businesses is that you should be aware of the sales that is applicable on your kind of commercial enterprise. The onerous authorities want to check your permit that enables them to collect the sales .

Not having a permit, or authorization is considered to be a criminal offence, so you should get registered as soon as possible. In ordering to file your taxes, you should be prepared with your documents and paperwork. The audit, stubs, records, licenses, permits, receipts, and the other documents should be placed in order of magnitude. Organizing your documentation is too authoritative.

Other than following the above mentioned tips for small-scale businesses; you likewise demand to maintain an purchase order in your business sector. Maintaining your accounts and other documentation, keeping a track of the filings by your employees, and accessing your beforehand with the help of your accountant, will save time and money.

Foods That Heal ( Part 1: Fruit )

Foods That Heal ( Part 1: Fruit )


Acai Berry
A Brazilian palm berry sweeping the globe as a popular health food - though little research has been done on it – now may have its purported benefits better understood.

The quercetin found in apples is associated with reduced risk of coronary heart disease, and apple consumption has consistently been associated with reduced heart disease.

Avocado oil strengthens the skin by stimulating collagen, thereby reducing wrinkles and improving skin texture.

Bananas are one of our best sources of potassium, an essential mineral for maintaining normal blood pressure and heart function.

In addition to soluble and insoluble fiber, blueberries contain tannins, which act as astringents in the digestive system to reduce inflammation.

Cantaloupe is a good source of potassium, vitamin B6, vtamin C, vitamin A, dietary fiber, folate, and niacin (vitamin B3).

Fig leaves can help to lower triglycerides, which are the chemical form in which most fat in the body.

The guava contains the highest vitamin C content out of all the citrus fruits with as much as 180mg per 100g of fruit.

Of all the citrus fruit, grapefruit has the highest concentration of lycopene, a carotenoid phytonutrient, and free radical scavenger.

Grapes contain beneficial compounds called flavonoids, which are phytonutrients.

Besides being an excellent source of vitamin C, even better than oranges, kiwifruit is a very good source of dietary fiber.

Limes and lime juice are greatly recommended to add to food and sauces in areas where the possibility of cholera is high.

Preliminary studies have found lupeol from mangoes and other fruit to be effective in reducing the risk of stone formation.

In recent research studies, the healing properties of oranges have been associated with a wide variety of phytonutrient compounds.

Papaya low in calories and are good sources of carotenes, vitamin C, B vitamins, folate and pantothenic acid, potassium, magnesium and fiber.

Pineapple has no fat, is high in vitamin C, and is also an excellent source of manganese

and PrunesSeveral studies have demonstrated that dried plums, or prunes, which contain high amounts of polyphenols, can restore bone mass and structure.

The antioxidants in pomegranates are much higher than in green tea, red wine, blueberries, cranberries, or any other fruit or food.

Studies have shown that strawberry consumption can increase anti-cancer activity on cancer cells of the breast, oesophagus, skin, colon, prostate and pancreas.

Lycopene content found in tomatoes has been extensively studied for its antioxidant and cancer preventing properties.

Arginine is used in the synthesis of nitric oxide, a vasodilator, meaning that it increases blood flow to all areas of the body.

article source: http://www.elements4health.com

To be continued ...........

Making Money in the Online Dating Gold Rush

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Making Money in the Online Dating Gold Rush

by: John Weisenberger
Have you noticed the explosion of Websites related to love, sex, matchmaking, relationships, etc.? They're popping up all over the place. Why the sudden popularity you ask? Well, the reason for this "gold rush" towards Online Dating & Relationship Oriented Websites is really quite simple: people are making a lot of money with them!

So how can you claim your share of this exploding marketplace?

Well you could go off and start your own Online Dating service to compete with the likes of eHarmony and Match.com (if that's your idea of fun) but that's really not the best way for small business owners to make money in this, or any, new marketplace.

In reality, the easiest and surest way to make money in any gold rush is selling tools to the prospectors! I think you'll see what I mean in a moment.

In the Beginning...

Consider, if you will, that whenever any new industry begins there are always hundreds of other businesses needed to support it and make it truly complete. For example, just think of all the businesses that are now connected with the automotive industry. Tire companies, glass companies, mechanics, insurance agencies, driving schools, etc..

Your very own Dating & Relationship oriented website could be one of the complimentary businesses supporting the new Online Dating marketplace while generating thousands of dollars of profit in the process.

Complimentary businesses such as relationship advice sites, personal matchmaking services, astrological compatibility testing sites, personal appearance "make over" sites, background checking services, etc., etc., are all possible product or service "tools" needed by today's "romance prospectors" searching for love on the Internet. I'm sure you'll be able to come up with other product and service ideas too if you think about it.

So what other types of relationship oriented businesses are springing up based on the technologies and business models pioneered by the Online Dating sites?

New companies such as Friendster.com and Linkedin.com are two good examples of a new generation of non-dating, non-romantic, relationship building Websites springing up to connect people for business relationships or other social activities. Others will surely follow their lead into this adjacent marketspace and your online business could be one of them.

Setting Up Shop.

Okay, so now that you know the best way to make money online is to sell tools, the next big question you'll need to answer is whether your new Website will be a general store carrying all types of tools or a specialty store providing some type of specific expert service or product. Let's talk about the general merchandise store first.

The General Store

Imagine if you will an 1849's old west general store loaded with canned goods, clothing, kerosene lamps, picks, shovels; everything the local prospectors needed. What would be today's Online Dating equivalent to the general store? Well in our analogy it would be a Dating Directory Website. Here's how they work.

Dating Directory Websites provide a service to their customers by collecting information about all the various Online Dating services in one centralized location. This allows their visitors to comparison shop among the various dating service companies while also making convenience purchases of advice eBooks, romantic gifts, sexy lingerie, etc., while they're browsing the entire "general store." Dating directories make their money from the affiliate sales commissions they are paid by the producers of the products they carry.

If you're thinking of getting into the Online Dating & Relationship Marketplace, setting up your own Dating Directory general store is probably the easiest way to get started. All that's required is the construction of a "store front" Website and then registration with multiple affiliate programs for the products that you want to sell.

Dating Directory startups are easy, low cost and can be built up over time with products you really enjoy selling. In addition, no product development expertise is required because you are essentially just the "shop keeper" selling someone else's products.

However, before you decide to open up your own Online Dating & Relationship product general store, you may what to consider specializing in one particular area of the market where you can carve out a niche of your own. Let's talk about this strategy for a moment.

The Specialty Shop

When it comes to the Online Dating & Relationship marketplace everyone's an expert. Including you!

It's true. Whether you're young or old, single or married, gay or straight, everyone has their own special knowledge about Dating and Relationships that can provide you with the background and knowledge needed to write a newsletter or eBook of your own.

And while I'll admit that writing an entire eBook and setting up your "specialty shop" Website is more work than running a general store Website, the potential rewards are much greater due to the uniqueness of your specialty product and the value you can deliver to your customers. So whatever you do, don't underestimate the power of the knowledge you have to offer. Get started on that newsletter or Ebook today!

Bottom Line...

If you're thinking about starting your own online business, check out this fast growing marketplace. It could be right for you. And remember, if you want to make money without risking the large amounts of capital required to compete with the big guys, don't try to start your own Online Dating "gold mine", sell the dating & relationship "picks and shovels" instead. That's where the little guys win.

How to find a worthwhile online business

How to find a worthwhile online business

by: david elbeze
In order to find the right business, you need to know the difference between a good offer and a bad one, it's not as hard as it looks like.

Almost every search we operate on the web begins with a search engine, for most of us Google. usually after the first optimistic shot, we get thousands of results, some of them non relevant, others full of pop-ups and when you're lucky you finally enter an enjoyable site that soon becomes very annoying when you find out that your credit card number is actually of greater importance than your first name.

The Internet as we know it today definitely has the greatest money-making potential power in the world, but let's not forget it's also the easiest place to lose your money at, even the money you don't have yet! so you better be very careful when choosing a business opportunity. I'll try to give you 3 of the most important tips when doing that.

1)The first thing you want to avoid and revoke are scams and frauds, once falling into one of those you will feel so deceived it will probably smash all you're plans and dreams for a better future and by that miss real opportunities to start your online career. it's actually very easy to do that, all you have to do when you find a so called "make money online" offer is to type the name of the business/individual in your search engine together with "scam" and "fraud" for example, usually you'll find out very fast if you're dealing with a serious business offer or not.

2)The second thing you want to do when looking for this kind of opportunity is enter forums which topics are related to "online business" and "work at home" for example. talking to real people and getting real responses, there's nothing better than that, if there is something wrong about the system you're investigating, you will usually find out about it this way.

3)Follow your instincts! if something "smells bad" don't go further, you're probably right about that! don't base your decision on your instincts only either, but sometimes you might find something others didn't see and by that put yourself ahead of them.

So, "where should i start?" is the real question isn't it? well these opportunities are everywhere around you, many of them will find you if you just let them. the most important thing for you to remember wile looking for the "right" business is: TAKE YOUR TIME! don't get all rushed up! explore, investigate, ask questions and get your answers. only that way you'll find what you're looking for.

Reasons Behind Bankruptcy

Friday, November 14, 2008

Reasons Behind Bankruptcy

by: Mansi gupta
‘Bankruptcy’ the term that can raise the goose bumps of almost every individual who hears it and even a nervous breakdown to those who confront it. Bankruptcy stands for the situation when a person runs into huge debts and there is hardly any money left with him to repay those debts. The clouds of bankrupt situation can hover over anybody’s life be it a successful business man who has never ever fathomed it or any greenhorn entrepreneur who had thought of going a long way ahead.

There are several reasons behind this insolvency-

Indebtedness-people usually take big loans from the banks and private companies in order to run successfully their business or company. However, since the economy is constantly fluctuating, one might not be able to incur expected results or profits. So, the loan debt with interest rates gets piling on. The loan can also be taken to pay off a bill that you missed paying. The loan is taken instantly in this case without an assessment of the interest rates. This can be cause snags later.

The credit card bills are also a source of trouble. They are charged with good interest and at the end of the month when the expenditure has chewed your month’s income; the credit card bill can make you bite the dust.

In the world today where fraud and betrayals are considered to be the bets virtues, any partner or shareholder or director might connive to pitch the company or business to bankruptcy. Here the reasons can be mutual squabbles and vengeance.

Gradual denouncement from the market- the commodity you sell today at price X, may be sold tomorrow by some other company at a much cheaper price Y. This can oust or eject your product from the market replacing it with a relatively cheaper one.

However, where there is a will, there is definitely a way. Just as there are two sides of a coin, there are two aspects attached to everything. When you glare at the negative side of the situation, its positive aspect is lurking behind according to which bankruptcy can be seen a situation that provides you a golden chance to start things afresh.

This is done by filing your application for bankruptcy, in a way seeking help from the government to help you overcome the disaster. Once you forward your application and it is accepted, the government repays most of your debts. This becomes possible by taking hold of your assets and dividing them amongst the creditors in an organized manner. But the debts that are associated with embezzlement or those huge ones that cannot be covered up via one’s assets can be problematic. In case of businesses filing for bankruptcy, certain procedure has to be followed up.

Besides this there are a few debt consolidation services that advertise themselves through television, print media etc. Debt consolidation signifies using a loan provided by that service to repay other debts. This loan is comparatively at a lower rate of interest and it often becomes easier for many to repay one loan instead of five to six ones.

In any case, if you are seeking financial aid from the government, banks, services etc., there stands the barrier of qualification. It is that you should be able to prove the service or the bank that your case is authentic and not a fraud. In order to escape future troubles, the government has formulated strict laws and eligibility criterion in this area.

However, in any case it is better to seek the advice of an advisor before seeking help to make up your crisis. This will not just educate you about all the related terms and conditions but also the possible legal and financial consequences. Just keep in mind that help always comes to those who are look for it with a true heart.

What to look for in good Health Insurance

What to look for in good Health Insurance

health insurance life insurance health insurance life insurance insurance

by: Mike Spencer
Health insurance is a kind of protection that provides payment of benefits for covered sickness or injury. Included in health insurance are various types of insurance such as accident insurance, disability income insurance, medical expense insurance, and accidental death and dismemberment insurance.

Before sign the health insurance policy make sure that you have read thoroughly the benefit’s section. Take note of any health care service that is not covered by your health insurance policy. Also, pay specific attention to how the health insurance policy is worded. Sometimes, health insurance companies hide the health insurance coverage exclusions within the definitions of words.

For instance, a health insurance company may define the term ‘emergency’ as anything that is life threatening condition that cannot be reasonably treated by a primary care physician. Whereas, your definition of ‘emergency’ may be anything that requires quick medical attention.

Clearly, there is conflict for the two definitions. If you find yourself in an emergency situation where you incur a broker arm, for instance, your insurance company may deny coverage for emergency room treatment of a broken arm for the reason that the broken arm does not fall under the life threatening category.

Therefore, you should read over carefully the health insurance policy definitions, paying close attention to the seven key words:

medical emergency
medically necessary
accidental injury
experimental or investigational
pre certification
pre-existing condition, and
reasonable and customary

These words and any words that are open to interpretation should be regarded with wariness. Find out how your health insurance company defines each of these.

Finally, find the section describing the procedures you must follow in order for your insurance company to reimburse you. These policy conditions or prerequisites are typically worded in a positive tone. Read through each condition carefully, make notes and call your health insurance company with any questions.

You should also compare health insurance contracts before you sign one. In order to compare exclusions, take two policy contracts and find the exclusions sections. If you want to compare a number of health insurance contracts then you could use an online service.

After you obtain your free quote for the health coverage you desire, apply for it online, and you'll obtain all the information that you'll need to compare exclusions of each health insurance policy (though sometimes this will require more research.)

health insurance life insurance health insurance life insurance insurance

The easiest way for beginners to make money online

Thursday, November 13, 2008

The easiest way for beginners to make money online

by: Marsh Uele
There are obviously many ways to make money online, some simple, some quite complicated...

If you're relatively new to Internet marketing, this is particularly suited for you...

Affiliate programs, the most effective and easy way to make money online that you'll find. most of which are free to join, and can be an excellent way to make money online... But they, like anything else,require use of the proper tools and resources if you're to expect any kind of significant success.

That's the thing...Way to many people hope or even expect to make money online without ANY type of investment.

I can tell you right now, if that is what you're expecting, you might as well call it quits before you even get started. If you're afraid to invest money to start your own business, you don't need a business. You need a job. If you want to make money online, you must also be willing to invest in yourself. It's that simple. (I'm only being honest!)

What you should expect is a modest investment of your time and (ideally) money. Though you CAN succeed without investing a dime, it will likely take you significantly longer than if you're willing to set aside a small budget specifically for online advertising.

As an affiliate, your job is simply to send visitors to the web-site hosting the affiliate program. For each visitor you send who then decides to order, you are paid a commission every time a sale is made.

Affiliate programs are attractive for beginners in particular because you don't have to worry about processing payments, delivering products, etc. And again, most affiliate programs cost absolutely nothing to participate in. Many people earn a full-time income working from home as an affiliate.

Indeed, these are advantages for most ANY person looking to make money online (beginner or otherwise).

However! ...In order to make significant amounts of money through affiliate programs, you'll still need the proper tools and resources.

After you choose your affiliate programs, your first move is to build your own website.

Well, most people say You don't actually need to have a website to make money online as an affiliate. Indeed, some of the most successful affiliate marketing strategies -- e-mail marketing and classified ads -- don't depend on you having a web site at all.

However, I would like to encourage you to set up a web site as soon as possible. A web site provides you with a 'hub' -- a place where visitors can get more information about your products/service, and discover how knowledgeable you are about these products, without having to contact you directly.

If you market your web site successfully, you'll get thousands of people coming to your site each month -- which translates into more sales as an affiliate. So, the faster you set up a web site, the better your chances of making money online faster.

Home Business For Frugal People.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Home Business For Frugal People.

by: Michael Ditch
I have proved that anyone can make money on the internet without having to spend a fortune. I have recently been introduced to the Plug in Profit Site. I bought the package, hooked, line, and sinker. I still can not believe that I bought this package it is totally out of character for me. I hate to spend money. I figured that it takes money to make money right? So why not!

*What it did cost me was 60 bucks to get my website up and running.

What I did not realize was that the program (The 30 day course) wanted me to shell out big bucks to promote my “money making website”.

Maybe if I would have spent the thousand dollars as suggested, I may have gotten my first customer allot sooner. I may even be making one thousand dollars a week by now … But I’m cheap I did not shell out the big bucks. What I did do was simple and pretty cheap, and pretty darn effective. I did the following 5 things.

1. I have written articles and submitted them.
2. I have submitted my URL to the search engines for free.
3. I have dropped a few lines in blogs, and forums with a link to my website
4. I have a few Google Adword ads posted. ( I used low cost keywords)
5. The easiest thing I do is add a SIG file to all my emails.( do it, it’s free!)

Most marketers do not use a SIG file. Why? I do not know, not my problem. But I use my SIG file in all of my emails. You know those annoying forward emails, that your friends and family, send to you on a daily bases. I used to hate those things, but now I love them. Why? because I forward them to everyone in my address book, and yup, you guessed it! I use My Signature file. You would be surprised on how far those crazy emails can go. They are like the Energizer bunny they keep going and going; with my SIG file :-). At the end of all of my emails you will see my SIG file.

I have to say that using the 5 steps has brought me new customers, and has made me some impressive money. The good news is, it doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg, to make money on the internet. Be smart, keep it simple and most of all have fun. When you have the chance do some learning about internet marketing, learn and then learn some more. The more you learn the better off you will be. “knowledge is power”

An Online Home Based Business Is Not Rocket Science

An Online Home Based Business Is Not Rocket Science

by: Kirk Bannerman
A few years ago when I first started my online home business I didn't have a clue regarding how to go about it. I had never done any Internet marketing, and didn't know anything about websites or search engines or any of that other online business stuff...in short, I was a complete rookie. In retrospect, the two major things that really helped me was that I refused to be intimidated and I kept a realistic perspective (both in terms of initial financial results and the time frame necessary to become successful).

I know from my own years of experience that relatively few business ventures are started on the Internet by people with the experience, motivation, determination, backing, and support that it takes to even have a reasonable chance of success.

Real online business people are those who work hard, who immerse themselves deeply in marketing and advertising, and who put in long hours in the beginning in order to see their Internet-based businesses succeed.

Achieving success in an online business is not difficult to comprehend. There is indeed a learning curve, but it's not brain surgery. The process of learning isn't as much the issue as are the personal traits of motivation and determination.

Develop your marketing plan and execute it. There's no magic in this online home based business stuff. We're talking real world here. It's not nearly as romantic as winning the lottery, yet many of the thousands of people I have helped to start up their home businesses on the Internet clearly came in with what I have come to refer to as the "magic/lottery" mentality. Many of those folks went off to chase another rainbow after a few months, but some of them also came to their senses and buckled down to develop very successful home based businesses.

Run, don't walk, away from all of those people that offer you "shortcuts" or "success secrets" (probably in exchange for some of your money). I mean, if they had it all figured out, why would they sell this "magic answer" to you for a few bucks instead of just keeping it private and then making tons of money for themselves? (I'll leave it to you to connect the dots)

A key point to always keep in mind is that...business is business. Regardless of whether you are on the Internet or operating a business in a shopping mall. The same fundamental principles apply to both businesses.

1) You need to have a product, or products, to sell.

2) You need to advertise to get customers to buy your products.

3) You need to provide support to your customers who buy your products as a result of your advertising efforts.

4) You need to build a loyal customer following, so you can maintain a profitable business over a period of time.

Many people fall into the trap of believing that because they are doing business on the Internet, some of these steps can either be skipped or they need to overemphasize one area or another.

The bottom line regarding an online business is that you will need to advertise and you will need to take care of your customers.

Run your online home business just like a real company because it is, in fact, a real business and you have a real opportunity to either be successful or to fail. The primary difference between an online business and a traditional business is location (no traditional "storefront"). Nearly everything else is essentially the same. You have products and your objective is to sell those products to people who want/need your products.

Remember, building a business takes time, determination, and patience. Far too many people seem to think that the traffic is just going to pour in once they have put up their own website on the Internet. As anyone who has had a website for a while knows...this simply is not true, but it is often the reason people get frustrated and quit. The fact of the matter is that you need to diligently promote/advertise your website in order for your online home based business to flourish and prosper.

One of the most important bits of advice that I can pass on to you is that you must be patient. Most people start their online home business with great enthusiasm and high expectations. Often, after a few months, they become disappointed and frustrated because they are not already making a large amount of money.

These impatient home business entrepreneurs then often start to jump from one program to another every few months (never allowing themselves enough time to succeed at any of them) and, finally, throw up their hands in frustration and declare that they just can’t make money online.

Stick with your business and don’t give up. Dogged persistence (much like the tenacity of a pit bull) is an absolutely vital key to your eventual success. Don’t give up when things become frustrating and you are not achieving the immediate success you expected. Give your online home based business sufficient time to develop and you realize the success you are seeking.

There is nothing magical about running an online home based business. It should be run the same as any traditional "bricks and mortar" business and it will succeed or fail depending on the time and effort you put into it.

There are many very ordinary people working at home and making a very good living on the Internet, will you be the next one?

Currency Exchanging...Turning Computers into Cash Registers

Currency Exchanging...Turning Computers into Cash Registers

by: Al Walker
By the time you finish reading this you’ll know all about the newest way to make money online. It’s called Currency Exchanging!

When I say Currency Exchanging people often think that I mean Foreign Exchange, Day Trading, Buying and Selling of Stocks and things that involve risk. This is totally different.

In reality, there are global currency exchanges available that will pay you in excess of 20% of your working capital in a period of days, all risk-free.

This is a business that you can do from home with your computer. There’s no selling involved. There’s no recruiting involved because this is not a multi-level marketing company or an affiliate program of any kind. Once you know what to do you don’t need anyone else to make a nice daily income for yourself.

I came across this program by accident late last year.

In November of 2004, I learned how to set everything up and put $500 in which started making money right away. I decided to take a little break through the Christmas holidays and by the end of January 2005 I had made over $13,000 profit with very little work.

Once you’ve made this money you can cash-out and spend it with a debit card or use your profits to buy units of Gold and put this money into a portfolio that will pay you a risk-free 2% a day.

On the downside there is a small learning curve and you’ll need a computer that’s connected to the internet.

As far as making money is concerned, this system has 2 parts. The Console and the Portfolio.

Let’s start with the Console first. The easiest way to understand how you make money with your console is to use the example of the ATM machine at your local gas station……. Imagine that you are the person who fills the ATM with fresh $20 bills every 3 or 4 days. When you put your money in the machine you are paid a nice commission and when the money is all used up you also get a bonus as well. You see an ATM machine never loses money because it always charges that $2.00 service fee for every withdrawl that’s made. These fees are used to pay you your commissions and bonuses.

The company’s name is DX Gold and they are a reputable financial network kind of like Paypal or Stormpay but 1000 times bigger. Major corporations and businesses are using DX for transferring millions of dollars globally for making purchases and sending huge payrolls… 1.7 Trillion dollars a day to be exact.

Now let’s say a businessman in Japan wanted to buy some Persian rugs from a company in Arabia. The Japanese would have Yen to spend and the Arabian would expect to be paid in his currency, which is Dinars. This is where a common “go-between” like DX Gold makes perfect sense. The Japanese sends his payment through DX Gold where it is put into the Arabian’s account, but he can’t touch it just yet. The Arabian sends the carpets to Japan and a couple of days later they arrive. Everything checks out and the Japanese businessman gives the OK to DX Gold to release the funds to the Arabian. DX Gold collects it’s fee and both parties are protected and happy with the results. They’ll probably do business this way, again and again.

DX Gold doesn’t use a bank for their funding. Over the last 5 years they’ve perfected a much more efficient way to do this and that’s where you and I come in. We become, what is know in the industry as Money Merchants. And we are paid handsomely to supply funding with bonuses and commissions. This can be $5-$50-$500 to $5,000 or more depending on the current demand…..which is always high. When you put money in you receive an instant commission of 3-5% and when this money is given back you receive a bonus of 6-9%. Your payments are securely made to your own account and all information is supplied to you in one place…Your Console.

Here’s where it gets interesting…DX Gold is owned by GDT. GDT holds the patent on the Retinal Scan. You see the eyeball is like a human fingerprint except much better……10,000 defining points on the eyeball …..Not letters or numbers….but symbols….When the eyeball is scanned you have a 10,000 symbol password that is impossible to hack or crack. Now…..What is the number one concern on the Internet today?…..Security, right. Security from Fraud and Identity Theft! DX Gold will be the only global financial network with a Retinal Scan.

Are you starting to see the Big Picture?

This business has been around for about 5 years but unless you know someone who’s involved that can show you what to do, (you won’t lose any money), but you can make a lot more, a lot quicker.

It gets even better when you add your Portfolio profits. Income that you’ve made with your console and money that you want to invest can be used to buy increments of Gold from over 150 registered companies worldwide. This adds to your portfolio’s diversification and any money in this Gold Portfolio receives 2% interest every day.

If that weren’t enough DX will automatically lend you (based on your portfolio amount) 80% to buy more increments of Gold for your portfolio and you never have to pay them back. After all, it is your money.

So if you have $100 in your portfolio, they will lend you $80 to buy more gold so your portfolio will grow immediately to $180 and you will be paid interest on that amount in the next session. This process will continue again and again. Within a month $100 will become $400, $1000 will become $4200. Personally, I saw my own portfolio jump from 11,000 to 26,000 dollars in less than 1 month. That’s a $15,000 increase. This compounding effect is very powerful.

Lastly, let me share this with you. Once you have built a sizeable Portfolio…which doesn’t take long working with your console. DX Gold will approach you to become what is know as an LDX….Licensed DX Merchant. This is when you are assigned a Fortune 1000 company as your client and you alone would act as their private Money Merchant. This would amount to millions.

I recently explained this business to a colleague - a keen business entrepreneur who hadn’t made any serious income from any of the online ventures he’d tried. He was now very skeptical and fearful of all money-making programs.

This is what he wrote to me later:

"I don't know how to thank you enough for the information you described to me over the phone the other day, it helped me enormously!"

The following week he sent me this message:

"This account continues to build income everyday and again last night – I’ve been trading for under an hour a day and my account continues to grow at a very strong rate. I finally found something that makes money. Thank you so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It’s brilliant!!!!!!!"

Now that you are armed with this information you might want to look into this option a little deeper.