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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

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Debt and Debt Management For Parents

Debt and Debt Management For Parents

Three quarters of parents have debts in the form of loans, credit card debts and overdrafts, according to 'Families and the credit crunch 2008', a report released in November by the Family and Parenting Institute, based on a YouGov survey of more than 5,000 parents.

The average debt, apparently, is £8,400, but parents don't just owe money to companies - according to the survey, a full 25% have borrowed money from (or been given money by) their own parents in the last year.

The survey also reported some other worrying findings. For example: that 1 in 4 parents found their household income wasn't enough to pay the monthly bills; that 1 in 10 are worried about the household's main breadwinner being made redundant in the next 6 months; and that 3.6% of parents with mortgages thought it was very likely or fairly likely that their home would be repossessed within the next year.

Against a backdrop of record personal debt, parents are particularly worried about paying the heating bills (47%), paying the rent or mortgage (36%) and paying the food bills (31%).

Mary MacLeod, Chief Executive of the Family and Parenting Institute: "Families up and down the country are finding it hard to balance their budgets. Many also have a heavy burden of debt. Parents say they feel under stress as they struggle to clothe and feed the children and find money for school trips yet need to cut back to manage within their income. This can put a big strain on relationships. Even more of a strain is the pervasive fear that they will be out of work or even lose their home."

"With today's high cost of living, record levels of debt and worries about the nation's economic health," said a spokesperson for Debt Advisers Direct, "it's no surprise we're hearing such gloomy answers to surveys like this.

"There may, however, be debt solutions which could help some parents reduce their monthly expenditure. A debt consolidation loan, debt management plan or IVA (Individual Voluntary Arrangement), for example, could help them bring their expenditure back in line with their income."

Even though debt consolidation, debt management and IVAs all address unsecured debts (unsecured loans, overdrafts, credit cards, etc.), they can nonetheless help people keep up with payments to their secured debts (mortgage, secured loans, etc.).

With debt consolidation, for example, people basically pay off their existing unsecured debts by taking out a single new loan large enough to pay them all off in one go. This allows them to arrange to repay the new loan at a rate they can afford, freeing up the money they need for their secured debts and other essential expenses.

With IVAs and professional debt management plans, the borrower asks debt experts to negotiate with their creditors, asking them to accept lower, affordable payments.IVAs and professional debt management plans are very different debt solutions, but they do have similarities: if the creditors accept the terms, the individual will agree to pay as much as they can (i.e. their entire disposable income) every month, and the creditors agree to accept that, even though it's less than the monthly payments they originally agreed on.

"Debt management plans, debt consolidation loans and IVAs are very different, and suit people in different circumstances - so if someone's facing debt problems, the first thing they should do is seek professional debt advice from an organisation that really understands the pros and cons of each."

Unsecured and Secured Loans – the Differences

Unsecured and Secured Loans – the Differences

Do you know the differences between unsecured and secured loans? If you are looking around for a loan you will be faced with these terms frequently. Do you know which type of loan will suit you in your current situation?

It can be difficult for the average consumer to make their way through the process of obtaining a loan when faced with all of this terminology, often we simply let whomever is the professional involved guide us. Really we should make it our business to understand the differences between these types of loan and ensure we choose one which suits our requirements; after all we will be paying for it. These two main types of loan can be broken down into simple to understand points.

An Unsecured loan is one which does not require any security what so ever, not even your home. It is not difficult to obtain an Unsecured Loan but the Lender will require that you have a low debt to income ratio and a good credit rating. With a Unsecured Loan the Lender will believe that you will be able to repay the Loan amount as agreed, you will have to prove financial stability. You can expect the interest you pay to be higher than you would be charged on a Secured Loan, this is because this type of Loan is classed as a higher risk by the Lender. Unsecured Loans can take many forms such as Student Loans, Personal Loans and even some Home Improvement Loans.

A Secured Loan involves the Lender requiring you to secure the Loan with something, such as the consumer’s car or home. This means that you are providing collateral to the Lender, which in turn means should you not pay the Lender, has rights to whatever object you have used as security. For many consumers a Secured Loan is the preferred rate as they normally offer a lower rate of interest compared to Unsecured Loans, also many consumers do not have the credit or funds to get an Unsecured Loan.

Which Loan is suitable for you is very much dependent on your circumstances and what you require the Loan for. If you only need to borrow a small amount of money, perhaps you want to completely revamp your garden then an Unsecured Loan is probably the most suitable. Secured Loans have many forms such as mortgages, homeowner secured loans, equity release loans and bridging finance. Other Secured Loans include car and boat loans as well as home improvement loans.

Using a Secured Loan is the best option to buy your home this does not mean you need to put up collateral to purchase your home as your home is the collateral. Should you not make your payments then you could lose your home. The same principal applies if you are purchasing a new or used car, the car is the collateral for the lender and should you not make your payments the car will be turned over to the Lender.

Secured and Unsecured Loans have many uses usually life changing purchases such as homes and cars come under Secured Loans and everything else falls under Unsecured Loans. Obviously you can only obtain an Unsecured Loan if you have a good enough credit score it is best to browse and find at least three comparisons for cost so you can be sure that whatever loan you opt for you are getting the best available deal.

Discover Your Computer

Monday, January 26, 2009

Discover Your Computer

How to start a home business.

How to start a home business.

Do you know that it’s possible for a housewife or a ‘one-man-show’ around the world to start a home business for full time income?

It’s possible. And I'm going to tell you what you need and how to do it.

First you need to get an extra phone line, fax and a computer in your home. This should be different from your existing home phone line or computer. That was easy to get started, wasn't it?

The secret to start a home business quick and profitable is to be a ‘middle man’ between the prospects and the products or services they are looking for. It’s that simple! Of course you can create your own products or services to sell, but why go through the hassle in the early stages of getting started? By being the ‘middle man’, you can get started immediately.

Then, you have to determine whether you want to be a ‘middle man’ for a product or service oriented business. Both will give you the same benefits. Even if it’s product oriented, you are not be producing it. You are just merely getting it from someone and passing it to the customer. Therefore, you should not have any inventory. However, I’ll prefer to be involved in service oriented home business because it’s less ‘sticky’. Products may have more issues such as delivery, order fulfillment, product return and so on.

Here are 3 ways you can immediately start a home business by being a ‘middle man’ for a service oriented home business:

1. Human Resource ‘Department’

Do you know that many companies are hiring and many people are looking for a job? This is one of the best opportunities that you can get started immediately. It’s low cost, almost zero in cost. Go to all the offices and factories in your city and tell the human resource manager/department that you want to help them find reliable staff. They will have a list of vacancies. Get all the details. Compile it and start announcing to the public what vacancies you have to offer! You can make money from either the company or anyone who gets a job from your help. You decide how much commission you want. If the company already has their own commission scheme, you can just earn from there.

2. Real Estate

You'd be surprised that many people are actually buying houses each day. And many people are selling houses as well! Don't believe me? Go to your local real estate dealer’s office and you'll see there are plenty of requests from people wanting to buy or sell houses. You can just be a ‘middle man’ to get the deal. In fact, all real estate agents are ‘middle men’ in reality. You can just tie up with a few real estate agents and negotiate for a commission from them if you help them to get the houses their customers are looking for, or to help their customers to sell off their house.

A few deals a month will land you in big commission checks because houses price can vary from $50,000.00 to $5,000,000.00! However, you do want to set a certain criteria of amount that you will not participate. Example, you might not do any deals below $25,000.00 (or whatever figure you choose) because you'll need to put in the same effort and yet the return is too minimal.

3. Seminar business

Do you see seminars conducted in your city or state? It can be any type of seminars. Doesn't matter what seminar it is. Pick up your phone and call the seminar organizers. Tell them you'll find participants to fit in their room and ask them how much commission they are willing to pay you per head. If the company is smart, they'll pay you good commission because they no longer need to invest their money in advertising. And secondly, they cannot lose because they are paying you for results only.

Once you have experience of it, you may even consider engaging your own speaker one day and organize it. This can be your quarter year project for quick, instant cash.

There are so many other ways to start a successful home business. I've not even covered on how to start a home business by using the internet (If you want to learn that, go get a copy of ‘5-Step System To Make Money Online VCD Package at http://www.sellingonlinesecrets.com ).

So don't give excuses for yourself that it’s too much work, you need a lot of money to get started, and so on. Those are all excuses you create for yourself because of unconscious fear of failure. Or your own limiting beliefs.

It’s your life. It’s your decision. Sit on it, and there is no way you can expect to start a home business. Start it today, and maybe you'll start making money in a few months and generate a full time income in a year or 6 months.

All the best.

Make Money Online Using Keyword Articles

Make Money Online Using Keyword Articles

Routing traffic to your web page is incredibly important in order to make money online. However, you probably have noticed that getting your web page noticed and returned as a high ranking result from the search engines is difficult. However, to make money online, there are a couple of tips you can use that will help you increase the traffic to your page.

First, you will need to do a little research to see where your page ranks in a variety of different search engines. When you know this information, you will be able to take action and become better than your competitors whose pages are being returned as higher relevant results. In order to make money online, no matter where you rank in the results, if it is less than number one you have some work to do. So, take a look at all the web pages that are ranked higher than yours and see what these pages have that yours does not. Evaluating your competition will help your Web page become stronger and more competitive, something that is important to your bottom line.

You need to do this kind of research for all the different keywords that pertain most to your Web page and that people search for the most often. You want your web page to rank high in the results for a number of keywords, so be diligent about researching what is other web pages are doing and what you can do to make your page be returned higher in the results.

One great way to improve your web page listing for a variety of keywords and phrases is to use keyword articles on your web page. This will allow you to provide useful information for web surfers as well as include keywords that will help your page get noticed.

When it comes to keyword articles, it is not difficult to write them or have them written. First, you need to have a list of the most popular keywords and phrases people search for, and then write articles that include useful information that states the exact keyword phrase multiple times. When someone searches for that particular term, your page will be returned as a high result as long as you are outdoingyour competition. However, when it comes to outdoing your competition regarding keywords and search engine results, make sure you are providing relevant, useful and pertinent information. If you are doing that, when people get to your page they will be more likely to stay.

Finally, if the keyword articles get your web page ranked higher in search engine results as they should, do not feel as if they will stay that way. There is more competition on the Web every day, which means you will have to be diligent about continuously tracking your competition, what they are doing, and where your web page ranks in the search engine results. You may have to make changes according to your competition, but this is part of business.

Excellent Program For Translation

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Excellent Program For Translation

Forex? What is it, anyway?

Friday, January 16, 2009

Forex? What is it, anyway?

The currency trading (FOREX) market is the biggest and the fastest growing market on earth. Its daily turnover is more than 2.5 trillion dollars, which is 100 times greater than the NASDAQ daily turnover.

Markets are places to trade goods. The same goes with FOREX. The Forex goods (or merchandise) are the currencies of various countries. You buy Euro, paying with US dollars, or you sell Japanese Yens for Canadian dollars. That's all.

How does one profit in Forex?

Very simple and obvious: buy cheap and sell for more! The profit is generated from the fluctuations (changes) in the currency exchange market.

The nice thing about the FOREX market, is that regular daily fluctuations, say - around 1%, are multiplied by 100! (in general, Easy-Forex™ offers trading ratios from 1:50 to 1:200). If, for example, the exchange rate of "your" pair of currencies increased by 0.6% in the last 4 hours, your profit will be 60% on your investment! Such can happen in one business day, or in a few hours, even minutes.

Moreover, you cannot lose more than your "margin"! You may profit unlimited amounts, but you never lose more than what you initially risked and invested.

You can implement your choice (the pair of currencies, the volume amount) under any direction to which the market is moving, and yet make profit. It does not matter whether the exchange rate is going up or down: you can always decide to buy Euro and sell dollar, or vice versa - buy dollar and sell Euro. You don't have to physically possess certain currencies in order to perform "buy" or "sell" with them.

How do I start?

Register (Easy-Forex™ offers the simplest and quickest registration process, no obligation); deposit your first trading "margin" amount (credit cards are welcome, only by Easy-Forex™); start trading.

It can't be simpler or easier than that. Need help? We'll provide you with 1-on-1 training and service, as much as necessary (Easy-Forex™ offers real people service, live, in your own language).

How do I trade Forex?

You select the pair of currencies with which you wish to make a Forex deal. You determine the volume (the amount of the deal). You deposit the "margin" (collateral needed to facilitate the deal. Usually - only a very small portion of the whole deal, say: 1% or 1:100).

Before you finally activate the deal, you can still "freeze" it for a few seconds. That enables you to either change the terms, or accept it as is, or altogether regret the whole idea. The "freeze" feature is a unique service by Easy-Forex™.

When your Forex deal is running (you hold an "open position"), you can monitor its status and check scenarios online, whenever you wish. You may change some terms in the deal, or close it (and cash the profit, if any, or minimize the loss, if any). Moreover, Easy-Forex™ lets you determine a "take-profit" rate, with which the deal will close automatically for you, when and if such rate occurs in the market. Meaning: you do not have to stay near your computer when you hold open positions.

Good luck!

How To Create A Successful Work at Home Business

How To Create A Successful Work at Home Business

Many people have tried or are currently trying to make money online today. Only a small percentage of these people have actually gone on to achieve enormous amounts of success. The reason for so many failures is that people simply do not know how to create a home based business or even where to start.

I am going to share with you the four things that the online Guru’s do not want you to know because if you did, they wouldn’t have a job anymore. The four areas of focus will be on finding a niche market, building income streams, affiliate programs and networking.
Finding a niche market is your number one priority when starting a home based business. This means that you will have to do a little research and find the products or services everyone is looking for. Contact people already successful with a home business and find out what they are selling and how they started. When I first started myself, I signed up to money making forums and contacted people already making a living working out of their homes. I was shocked to find that these people were very helpful and provided me with plenty of valuable resources.

Once you have found a niche market, go with it and stick with it. Its important not to give up if you fail the first time around, persistence is the key. Continue to diversify and research other programs that are a match for you. Do not rely on one program as a main source of income, rather seek out other opportunities and create multiple sources of streaming income.

Network marketing is a fast growing business online today and an extremely effective way to build a business fast. Whatever product, program or service you decide to go with, become an expert on the subject matter and build a network with other people that share a common interest. When you are able to network your business with other business partners, it is possible to quadruple your income in a very short period of time.

Resell your program, product or service. There are thousands of affiliates making millions of dollars today simply by reselling their programs online. Affiliate marketing is a fast growing online business and can be done by virtually anyone. There are plenty of affiliate programs available online that will offer commissions anywhere from 5% to 75% on each sale.

Building a home business requires dedication and persistence. Following these four simple steps will help anyone achieve there goals and the financial freedom they have been looking for.

Earning a good amount of money with autosurf programs

Earning a good amount of money with autosurf programs

Autosurf programs are the hottest thing on the internet right now. You need no experience to start and you can get started almost instantly. It’s so easy to get started; even your 10 year old kid can do it. It’s a great way to earn some extra income to sponsor your other projects you might be planning or just earn a living out of it. Autosurf programs lets you view advertisement set on an auto-timer for an amount of time and you get paid for that. The purpose is to upgrade your account level, the more you upgrade, the more you will get paid in the end.

Autosurf programs are great, and you should get started as soon as possible to make money and feel good about it. There are many autosurf programs out there, so how do you spot a good one from a bad one?

1. Introduction
Although autosurf programs are very new and easy to use, it’s hard to tell how long they will last. There are a few autosurf programs that are stable and have lasted for awhile.

2. Checking Programs rating
Always search on google first on the programs rating before joining. If everyone is saying that it’s great and you should join, then it must mean that you must join or you’re losing out!

3. Is this autosurf program trustfully?
Check out the program’s forum! If they don’t have one, they must have something to hide. Spend some time reading the forum and asking other users question before you start. If everyone on the forum is saying its great, then try joining the program first since most if not all autosurf program lets you sign up for free.

4. Investing your money
To make money, you will need to buy upgrades. My recommendation is to start small and take the profit and deposit it into your bank, then use the small amount you started off with and invest into the autosurf program. This makes it hard for you to lose money. Since it is your hard earning money, never put in more than you can afford. There are people who are making a living using autosurf programs.

5. Final words
I love autosurf programs; it has given me more than enough money to start my other online business.

How to make more money

How to make more money

How to make more money is something that weighs on the minds of many people as bills and expenses seem to constantly rise, while pay rates and income seems to stay the same. Aside from the lottery or inheritance, learning how to make quick money can be difficult, if not impossible. One of the best ways, though, is with additional jobs. For an individual with some free time, a part-time or full-time job on the side might be helpful with financial problems. The Internet is a great place to seek additional income, especially with auction sites and other similar possibilities. For the person with a full-time job, the answer may be a raise or promotion. If this is not an option, seeking another position or job for another company may be the best option. One of the most appropriate ways to seek higher rates of pay is through a college education. "A wise man will hear, and will increase learning; and a man of understanding shall attain unto wise counsels." (Proverbs 1:5) While an education may be expensive to pursue, it will often pay off in the long run.

Taking additional jobs can be a way to find out how to make more money. An individual, who is working full-time or part-time, may still have plenty of time to take on another job. This could be any type of work that will offer some additional income or earnings. In the summertime there are many jobs that people can take on for supplemental income. This work is often more laborious and can include such jobs as mowing yards, coaching sports, or taking advantage of other similar positions. Around the holidays, especially Christmas, many retail stores and businesses will take on additional workers for part-time and full-time work. While this may be a temporary assignment or position, this is how to make quick money. The Internet can be a good place to take on this type of additional work also. For someone with some basic knowledge and experience with the Internet, there are numerous types of jobs or positions that can be done online. One of the most popular ways to make cash through the Internet is an auction site. Individuals can sell items such as crafts, clothing, and collectibles to others through one of the many online auction sites. These sites can provide great opportunities to make money with very little time and effort.

One way to get extra income is through pursuing a better job or higher position with a company. For an person who has worked in the same company for a number of years, they may be entitled to seek a higher position. This can be an option of how to make quick money, especially if the individual is qualified for the position they are seeking. Many people often feel they are stuck in a rut or unable to move up, but a little perseverance and patience may pay off. Speaking with management personnel or superiors may put someone well on their way to making more money through a higher position at work. If moving up is not an option, higher pay may be possible. If neither of these options exists, the person can often seek work in a similar atmosphere or company that pays more or will allow the person to take a higher position than the past employer would allow.

Education is not the best way to learn how to make quick money, but it can be a very important part of higher paying jobs or positions. Many times, having a college education will allow individuals to receive more pay on jobs that others without an education may not be eligible for. Also, in a job interview, many companies will choose someone with a college education over someone who does not have the education. While work experience and knowledge is important, education is something that will be attractive or appealing to a company. Education can be a key to learning how to make more money. Not only will an education make someone more competitive when seeking a job, there will also be much better chances for investment with an education past high school.

Taking advantage of opportunities through the Internet and perhaps the lottery can lead to easy cash. While this is not the most option, it is the way of choice for many individuals seeking to get rich quick. The question of how to make more money will often push people to seek additional work through a part-time job. If time is not a factor for the individual, they may pursue a raise or promotion through the current job or position they are in. When planning for the future is possible, a college education may prove to be the best way to seek more money with a job or position. A college education is very attractive to employers and will often provide more opportunities.