Get Secured Credit Cards With Rewards

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

When you get a secured credit card you are still entitled to the rewards offered by other credit cards that are available. Airlines will give you a secured credit card and offer you frequent flyer miles, service stations will offer you gasoline and hotels will offer you reward points that you can use for extra night stays. Major credit card companies who issue secured credit cards will still offer rewards. You need to check out the rewards program before you select your credit card.

You should consider what is most important to you concerning the rewards program. Many people who are frequent travelers like to use the frequent flyer rewards card in order to establish miles for future use. The best type of rewards card is one who will give you points on travel, hotels, restaurants and purchases at retail stores. You can use your reward points on just about anything in this case and because while you are traveling you need to use your card for multiple purposes it is very important to get a secured credit card that offers rewards you can use for just about anything including frequent flyer miles.

A rewards card is essential when you are using your card on a constant basis. It is most beneficial for you to be able to use your rewards for an extra nights stay or perhaps you might like to use your rewards towards a vacation. The most important part of your rewards is to make sure that you are not paying a high fee in order to get your rewards.

When it comes down to getting a rewards card and a secured card at the same time, I'm not going to say it's hard to find but it can be done. Let me show you exactly what you should look for when you're looking for rewards and a card when you're looking to rebuild your credit.

Interest bearing accounts: The nice thing about some banks is that they will give you interest on the money you give them. Since you have to throw down a deposit in order to activate the card, the banks are generally nice enough to give you interest. Keep in mind though that some of them don't do this. I would recommend that you find one that does so that you get something rather than nothing. If you have $500-$1000 sitting in there, why not collect the interest?

Points based: Just like a points based rewards card, there are secured cards that will enable you to get points instead of cash back. While these are rare, you can find cards out there that will give you points for every dollar you spend. In turn, you can get things such as gift cards, merchandise and more. This will all depend on the company that you apply with. The bigger name banks tend to have cards like this.

Reward cards are there if you look for them. If you're looking to apply for a card like this, I would recommend you look at a handful out there.