Ways for Marketing and Publishing your Blog

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Ways for Marketing and Publishing your Blog

Here are 15 steps to market your blog:

1. Abode all your feeds on the afterward website and the directories listed on this page - http://www.rss-feeds-directory.com/blog_lists.html
2. For fast admittance into yahoo, get yourself a "my yahoo" page - http://my.yahoo.com/ and abode your rss augment on that page.
3. Have a hotlink which allows added humans to put your rss augment on their own "my yahoo" page. See "my yahoo" for details.
4. For fast admittance to msn, aswell accessible a "my msn" annual and add your rss augment to that page.
5. Place your blog on all the above seek engines - http://www.thewebtrafficco.com/search_engine.html
6. Join this website and add your blog (free) - http://www.BlogExplosion.com
7. Ping your blog afterwards every column at - http://pingomatic.com/
8. Place a "blogroll" on your blog application - www.blogrolling.com
9. Make a blog column at atomic every day or less. Why? - http://www.feedforall.com/why-use-rss.htm If you don't anticipate you can address abundant agreeable on a circadian basis, there are abounding chargeless online writing out there you can use.
10. Invite added editors/writers or webmasters to address on your blog as co-editors. Make abiding you acquiesce them to cover their "resource box" at the basal of anniversary column and set up an "about our editors" page.
11. Place a hotlink and description to your blog on all your websites, out traveling emails and any autoresponder courses you accept set up.
12. Advertise your blog at forums you currently use/participate in.
13. Place advisory responses in the "comments" box of added awful trafficked blogs in your acreage of business.
14. Once you accept 10 to 15 posts on your blog, advertise it with a columnist release.
15. Download this chargeless rss business ebook by top Rss expert, ‘Rok Hrastnik’ -

Good Luck