High Blood Pressure Medicine

Monday, August 18, 2008

High Blood Pressure Medicine

by: Sara Jenkins
Medicine and High Blood Pressure are interdependent. The kind of medicine to be taken for High Blood Pressure is not a single route to be followed. The dosage and the kind of medicine to be taken depend on the level of High Blood Pressure that a patient is suffering from. Initially, the medicine for patients with just a small rise above the normal blood pressure level is Diuretics. These High Blood Pressure Medicines work on the kidneys and flush out excess water and sodium from the body.

In the next higher stage, the High Blood Pressure Medicine consists of beta blockers. This medicine for High Blood Pressure reduces nerve impulses to the heart and blood vessels. Because of its functions, this High Blood Pressure Medicine is known as Beta Blocker.

If there is a narrowing of blood vessels, then the choice of High Blood Pressure Medicine is an Angio Tensin Converting Enzyme. This prevents the formation of the hormone angiotensinII and prevents the narrowing of blood vessels. Another course of medication for High Blood Pressure consists of Angiotensin Antagonists. These High Blood Pressure Medicines shield blood vessels from making angiotensin and widen blood vessels to subsequently lower blood pressure.

In the next category of High Blood Pressure Medicine, there are the Calcium Channel Blockers. This medicine for High Blood Pressure process keeps calcium from entering the muscle cells of the heart and the blood vessels. These channel blockers are in the category of alpha blockers and beta blockers. The alpha blockers reduce impulses to the blood vessels. This allows the blood to pass without restrictions through the blood vessels and thus helps the blood pressure to go down. The beta blockers used for high blood pressure medicine also slow down the heart beat.

In yet another category of medicine for high blood pressure, there are the Nervous System Inhibitors. They inhibit heart and relax blood vessels by controlling nerve impulses. Doctors also use Vasodilators as High Blood Pressure Medicication in the final stage. These medicines for High Blood Pressure directly open blood vessels and allow the blood pressure to be lowered. Combining this medication and High Blood Pressure with the right lifestyle can be very helpful.


doswheeler said...

I was on BP medication for several years. I became quite active in the gym, then started skating then skateboarding. I dropped a lot of weight and no longer require BP medication! All it takes is exercise, appetite control and weight loss.