Get Free Insurance Leads

Friday, March 20, 2009

Get Free Insurance Leads

Free insurance leads form a stable supply of prospects that you can make use of for that very vital client generating process for free. Telemarketed insurance leads are details of qualified prospects extracted through several minutes of conversations between a potential client and a call center agent. Exclusive leads may only come from telemarketed insurance leads and never from Internet insurance leads that are resold in the Internet over and over again. Telemarketed insurance leads are either delivered real-time to the customers a few minutes after the online request is made or several days after depending on the urgency and client preference. If you are an insurance service provider and you cannot afford to by telemarketed insurance leads at a regular basis you can opt to make the most of the leads you have already purchased. If you have chosen the lead generation carefully you are more or less assured of establishing contact with the said leads considering that good telemarketed leads providers charge per appointment and not per lead.

"How does one make the most of his previous purchases of telemarketed insurance leads?" you may ask. All you have to do is ask referrals from the leads you have already paid for. You can do so before closing discussions during appointments or try and contact them again if the appointment with them is already through. People in active search of insurance providers are likely to know at least someone who is also in need of insurance. The referrals they will be providing will then become your free insurance leads. You can also check on the quality of these free insurance leads like if they are already engaged in dealings with other insurance providers or have made previous defaults on insurance premium payments by asking the referrers. It’s very common for referrers to know some things about the people they refer.

Always bear in mind that every insurance lead you have has a chance of translating into an insurance sale so never take insurance leads lightly. Insurance leads may very well be the guiding light that will keep you from trailing down cold leads. You can generate free insurance leads from the ones you’ve already got if you have that ability to interact with people, get them to trust you and build lasting relationships with them. If you take the time in practicing this referral scheme your efforts will surely be worth it as once you have mastered this technique you will never run out of insurance leads again without the need of shelling out money in the process. Just keep in mind however, that it is of paramount concern that you contact the lead as soon as they are referred because the competition in the insurance business is so stiff a few seconds may decide you getting the client or not. Don’t be afraid to call referrals several times until you have enlisted them or confirmed that they are not qualified or that they are really firm in not buying insurance from you.