Online Auto Insurance - FAQ

Monday, March 9, 2009

Online Auto Insurance - FAQ

How do I know which auto insurance company is best?

With the large number of auto insurance companies out there, it can become an extensive process to search through the top rated auto insurance companies and find out which one fits your requirements of both coverage and cost. Between the different policies available and the prices you can pay for them, both national and local companies are competing for your business and claim to have the best services around. Conducting proper research and gathering a lot of information on each company before you commit to using an auto insurance company is the smartest way to go about your purchase. You need a guarantee the company will be around to pay for any future claims you make while providing you with excellent customer service…

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Can I get an auto insurance quote without using personal information?

Comparing auto insurance quotes has become very easy now that you can go to countless Web sites and get quotes from any company all over the country, as long as you fill in all of the required information needed by the company. You can find these Web sites by doing a search for key words such as “auto insurance providers,” “low auto insurance rates,” or “online auto insurance quote.” You will then be given a long list of not only the sites of popular auto insurance companies, but also third party companies who can give you a compiled list of quotes from auto insurance companies. This list can be used to compare companies and see who will provide you the lowest premium rates to insure your vehicle. At, we can easily give you a list of companies who are anxiously waiting for your business of auto insurance. We’ll provide quotes from at least five different auto insurance companies in your area. On top of that, we’ll also guarantee our superior customer service to help you purchase insurance.…

Why is auto insurance expensive for new drivers?

Driving is unarguably a responsibility that should be given only to those who agree to follow traffic laws carefully and keep safety in the forefronts of their mind. Not everyone drives with the thought, “driving is a privilege, not a right” and carelessly whip through traffic. Young people of driver’s license age dream of their day behind the wheel. It’s an opportunity to gain more independence in their life. As incredible as that independence is, it comes with a heavy price: auto insurance premiums for a young or new driver.

No one wants to pay big bucks to insure a new driver, but on the other hand, no one wants to allow an inexperienced driver on the road uninsured. Not only is it illegal to drive without auto insurance or the financial equivalent (see your state requirements), it could be an expensive, out-of-pocket consequence for the responsible party in repair costs. While finding an insurer that can provide the lowest cost can be difficult, it is worth the time and effort you and/or the new driver make as you are insured…

How can I purchase auto insurance online?

Gone are the days of searching for information on auto insurance by calling the various companies or visiting a local office to speak with representatives. By performing a simple online search for auto insurance companies, you will be given a list of companies that sell auto insurance in addition to a list of Web sites that provide free quotes for auto insurance rates. You will then have the information you need to purchase auto insurance online. Once you have opened one of the Web site pages offering you a free quote, you will be prompted to enter your information, starting with your zip code, so the company can provide you with auto insurance online.

Can I pay my auto insurance month-to-month?

Whether you are a brand new auto insurance policyholder or a veteran policyholder, you might find yourself in a bind with the need to pay your premiums at the beginning of your policy period. It can be a larger amount than originally expected and present a problem with your budget. Paying monthly installments may be easier than choosing to pay the premium in one lump sum.

What are the auto insurance requirements for California?

California, like all states, requires every driver to carry auto insurance on all of the vehicles they own and operate. can provide you with auto insurance quotes instantly without the need for your driver’s license number or social security number. By reviewing these quotes you can make sure you’re getting the best coverage at the lowest price. If you’re a California resident, you can purchase your policy on our site and have proof of insurance immediately.

By law, each driver in California is to carry the minimum required amount in their auto insurance policy. This amount is in place to help you, the policyholder, or other members of your policy, pay for the damages that were caused by you and/or your vehicle in the event of an accident.

Why did my auto insurance premium rate change?

Your auto insurance premium may change drastically or only by a few cents, but it can change with each renewal. There are reasons why it changes, and it may serve you well to call your insurer and ask about the most recent change if you were unaware this was going to happen.

How do I insure my classic, collector’s or modified performance vehicle?

Many drivers on the road enjoy cars as a passionate hobby, displaying their love for classic cars, collector’s cars, or modified high performance cars through a vehicle they own. Owning and caring for one of these cars is a way to express yourself through automobiles and live your dream. Finding a way to insure your vehicle is very necessary, especially if you want to occasionally go for a drive or flaunt it at a show. The types of insurance offered for any of these vehicles is different than the insurance for a regular car due to either the increased value for the car’s exclusivity or the increased risks that car holds. Not all auto insurance companies are willing to cover these types of cars, so it’s best to do your auto insurance research before building or purchasing your dream car.

Do I need a valid license to purchase auto insurance?

It is possible to purchase auto insurance for your vehicle without having a valid driver’s license. Every state’s law requires all vehicles to be insured, so no matter what the circumstances are concerning your lack of a driver’s license, you must have auto insurance for your car. Even if you’re not driving your car but you’re allowing another person to drive it, you must carry adequate auto insurance to cover that driver and your car, providing protection to anything else that may become damaged as a result. You may find that it is not the easiest experience to get auto insurance without a license, but it will definitely benefit you to try until you get it.

Conclusion: Online Auto Insurance allows consumer to instantly compare quotes online from various companies