Make Money Quick

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Make Money Quick

Most people get started in an online business thinking they can make money quick on the internet. If you are like so many others who want to learn how to get started making some extra money online with an internet business, then I hope you will read this information.

You might be surprised to know that many people fail because they are only looking for money making secrets and they never stop to actually think about creating a real business online. Sure, there are some definite secrets to making extra cash online but you have to first start with the proper mindset, realistic goals, plan for your business and have the resources to carry out your plan.

There are some secrets to making quick money online

Don't let this simple message pass by you. One of the best things you can do for yourself to make money fast is begin with your goals. If you had trouble in the past setting and keeping financial goals, you may wish to investigate "How to Get Lots of Money for Anything Fast" by Stuart A Lichtman. This is more than a book about money, it is a book about setting and achieving goals, ANY goals. It will help you will learn the secrets of how to set and finally keep goals without any internal struggle what so ever. I bought the book in late July of 2004 and am amazed how it works for me. My first effort was used to buy the house I wanted, for the price I wanted, in the area I wanted. To this day, I am still amazed what I did. I have since then turned my focus to using this tool to achieve my money making goals for my online business.

Next you need a plan for making money online. One area I strongly urge you consider first is affiliate programs. This how you can make a nice income for yourself quickly without having to deal with customers and without a single product of your own. You make money with this business by creating a site that the search engines love. Potential customers visit your site and read your recommendations to buy interesting and related products. Once a sale is made, you are paid a commission.

The best way to get started making money with this strategy is to follow some one who has mastered this process. In March of 2004, I chose to purchase a copy of James Martell's Affiliate Marketing Handbook. At first I was a bit scared since the price seemed a bit high for an ebook. Once I read it, I immediately realized this not a simple ebook. It actually is a blueprint for creating what I call 'micro-businesses'. Imagine you have a small online business that pays you $400 a month ... hands free. It runs all by itself, no customers to deal with, no worries. Once you get this money machine running, you focus on setting up another, then another, then another. This is what James does...he has over 100 micro-businesses running and is paid very well. If you are still unsure about what he is all about, a low cost way of getting to know James and his material before you buy his manual, is to listen to his audio buzz radio program.

Getting the resources to work your plan into a money making machine is ... well, totally up to you. As far as 'hard' resources go, you will not need much. You will need some time to research business ideas that can make money, time to build your sites and a few hours each month to maintain them. Of course, you can get help by using a service such as or for helping build your site. I was reluctant to do this at first until I realized that the activity of building my site was not making me money. In other words, I can make more money by researching new businesses and paying others to build them than I can by doing the mundane job of building them myself. Only you can decide how you will work your business. Rest assured, if you take these steps, set some excellent goals, develop a plan for your business and model some one who is making money online today, you can achieve your finacial goals quickly.


Ron said...

Thanks for the article - it was interesting and potentially helpful.

However, the title does not accurately express the content.
The information contained does little to demonstrate HOW one can "make money quick" but only refers to other sources of information that purports to do so.