Some Common Myths About Skin Care Products

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Some Common Myths About Skin Care Products

By: Marilyyn Syrett

The skin care industry is forever on its toes with new skin care products being launched by the day. There are ample websites over the internet that preaches the good and bad habits in skin care. The talk has spread so far and so wide that it has given way to certain myths and misconceptions over time.

Here are some of the common myths and misconceptions doing rounds of the skin care industry and the correct facts beneath them:

Myth 1: Using more Skin Care Products will guarantee quicker results
Nothing can be more wrong or misconceived than this statement. Skin care products are specially formulated to treat particular skin damages. They cure them and work faster than natural or home treatments. But that is not to suggest that applying too many of them will further fasten the healing process. In fact using too many skin care products will only work to damage your skin than anything else. The active ingredients with these products can react with one another and pose harmful side effects for your skin.

Skin care products that contain vitamin c, retinol, and alpha-hydroxy acids help to smooth the skin. Likewise agents like salicylic acids and benzyl peroxide heal acne and blemishes. These ingredients when used in higher concentration tend to be reactive and thus pose as a threat to your skin.Always apply skin creams and other such products in small quantities and massage it lightly onto the skin.

Myth 2: Everyone needs Skin TonersNot really!
Though it is always advised to follow a skin care regimen and make use of a cleanser, toner and moisturizer, the truth is you can beg to differ. Most people need to use toners and it is a healthy practice too but that doesn’t mean it is an absolute essential for everyone. Toners do the job of closing down open skin pores and ripping them of any internal debris. This process is instantly followed by the moisturizing of the skin. But in some cases, toners can strip off the skin’s natural oils and leave them dry. Therefore, it is not as essential as it is perceived.

Myth 3: you can get addicted to Lip Balms
Lip balms and addiction have nothing in common. Some people claim that lip balms are often added with ingredients that dry out your lips so that you buy them again and again more frequently. This is however a tall tale. If at all a lip balm has drying effects on the skin, there is enough reason not to buy it the other time.

The addiction people talk about has got to do with the habit of licking lips regularly which creates a drying effect of the lips. Lip balms on the other hand contain moisturizing properties that keep the lips moist and smooth.

Myth 4: There is no need to buy separate Eye CreamsThe skin on your face varies.
As compared to the other areas of your face, the skin around your eyes is more fragile and delicate. Therefore it requires special treatment and care. The regular face creams and lotions become a little too harsh for the delicate skin at the eye contours.

Eye creams are exclusively formulated to nourish the thin and fragile skin around the eyes and provide them maximum comfort with as little stress as possible.

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