money making secret

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

money making secret

The internet has changed the world of business forever. With all this change you might wonder if there are still any money making secrets from the offline world that are guaranteed to work online. Well, there is at least one secret to earn money online. It is not a strategy, system, formula or program but rather a philosophy. The men and women who use this secret, earn a fantastic income both offline and/or online. Would you like to know what the secret to earning extra income is?

First, know that this secret is not something that you should take lightly. You may have even heard of it before. If you have, think about all your business ventures and ask if you are actually practicing it. Many authors over the last 100+ years have written about this subject. If you want to seriously begin making extra money from your online business, you really need to find a way to add it into your business. The secret is actually one of the habits from Napoleon Hill. In 1937 he wrote what many consider to be the best book on earning money and creating long term wealth. That book is called Think and Grow Rich. Do yourself a favor and pick up a copy of this book if you haven't already done so. The secret to creating a money producing business is contained in the following statement:

When in doubt, give before you expect to get.

Money flows where it is deserved. When you truly can say you are serving the needs of your customers, then you will undoubtedly earn income. The philosophy can be practiced both offline and online. When you have a business online, you have to be prepared to give before you get. Your potential customers start out as information gathers. They come online to read and learn before they want to buy. Those companies that have excellent sales online do so because they are in the habit of giving to their customers before they buy. They convert an information gather into a purchaser. Money naturally follows this kind of transaction.

Your challenge is to stop and take some time to think about how you can give before you get in your online business. Can you give away a product that you may be selling right now? Could you survey your visitors and ask them what most they want to know. Then go out and give them the answers, for free. Two things will happen when you do this. First, by practicing the habit of giving first and not expecting to receive money, you will start to notice the abundance the world has to offer. There is no reason to compete. There are more than enough customers if you give people what they want. Second, by practicing this money secret, you will build trust and credibility for your business. Money will begin to flow to you because people naturally are attracted to businesses that give them what they need. So, this is the time to make money. There are so many online business opportunities right now. How can you use this way of giving to produce the trust and loyalty required to make a nice income for yourself?


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