37 Healthy Habits To Keep You In Top Shape

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

37 Healthy Habits To Keep In Top Shape

The other night, I had a fever. You know, the kind of fever that makes every moment last forever, that pains your whole body just enough to deprive you from all forms of sleep and makes you sweat like a long distance runner? Well, I had that. Yet, it was pretty much all gone 24 hours later. The fever, the runny nose, the sore throat, all gone.

It made me think that that fast immune response had to do something with the healthy habits I accumulated over the years. So here is a very incomplete list of some of the things that have helped me to stay in top shape for the past 2 years. Of course, feel free to add to it and make it better!

1- Stay away for Sugars
2- Opt for Organic, fresh and locally grown foods
3- Eat most of your food Raw
4- Only eat when you are hungry
5- When you are thirsty, drink water
6- Chew your food at least 30 times before you swallow it
7- Take the time to savor your food and focus on the action of eating
8- Choose your foods according to the season
9- Trade you coffee for a high quality green tea
10- Trade all fruit juices for water
11- Have your dose of sunlight everyday
12- Take a walk everyday
13- Smoking is outdated, just stop it for your own sake
14- Learn to breathe correctly; for the bottom to the top of your lungs
15- Wake up with the sun
16- Go to bed when he goes
17- Sleep in total darkness
18- Stop criticizing and start edifying
19- Accept that you deserve to be healthy
20- Embrace your current health for what it is, it will only make it better
21- Understand what your body was designed for; to heal itself
22- Learn to take a break
23- Learn to observe yourself
24- Go on vacation
25- Forget yesterday and tomorrow, live in the Here and Now
26- Stay in touch with your friends, even if you are “busy”
27- Listen to Music that make you happy
28- Keep on learning new things
29- Remind yourself to have Fun
30- Practice Yoga
31- Meditate
32- Speak your mind; do not let anything inside too long
33- Sing in your shower (even if you can’t sing!)
34- Have sex
35- Be grateful for your body/mind complex that serves you everyday without asking questions
36- Love someone
37- Smile


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Did anyone try these tips ?or just ten of them?I don't think so