Understanding And Maintaining A Good Credit History

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Understanding And Maintaining A Good Credit History

Credit history may be defined as a record of how a person has borrowed the debt and repaid the same over a period of time. A good credit history is an important aspect of your life.

Keeping a good credit rating is of immense importance to maintain the quality of life. It helps you to have easy access to loans at competitive rates of interest and with lesser formalities.

Establishing a credit history is the first step towards having a good credit rating. If you do not know your credit rating checking with the local credit bureau and getting a copy of the report would be the first step towards this end. Absence of credit history affects young and old. The problem of not having a credit history is also common among divorcees and widowed women as they might have shared the accounts with their spouse and that were reported in the latter’s name. Building a credit history by applying for credit in a local business unit or bank may be resorted to in such cases. Another option would be to open a savings or checking account to show your management of Money. Paying the bills on phones and pagers on time will demonstrate the capacity to pay. Securing a standard or secured credit card may also solve the problem in building up a credit history.

Maintaining a good credit history shows your responsibility to pay off your debts. Should you feel that the debts are getting out of your control you should not hesitate to seek the help of a financial counselor who can assess the situation better and find the best option to bail you out of the trauma. A poor credit history may not only deny you further loans but also creates stumbling blocks in finding a job or letting out an apartment. The importance of rebuilding the credit history assumes significance in such a situation. Obtaining a credit card either standard or secured and making regular repayments and payments of various bills on time to mention a few would enable you to get back to a good credit rating.

At the end a good credit history is your passport to the ever expanding world of credit...