Skin Care Mistakes

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Skin Care Mistakes

By: Marilyyn Syrett
Following a good skin care regimen is a guarantee for clean and healthy skin. But as long as you continue making silly skin care mistakes, you can never hope to see healthy skin on your face.

Ironically enough, these false practices are so embedded in our daily routine that most women go without realizing that they are committing absolute atrocities to their skin. Here are some very common mistakes that you may make. And if you do already it’s about time you moved on.

Here are the mistakes:

1-Using Soap to wash your face!

Body soaps contain harsh detergents that work to remove dirt and bacteria from the hard contours of the body. But it gets a little too much for the delicate skin of your face. Soap dehydrates your skin completely and rids your face of all moisture and natural oils thus making it dry in the long run.

Use mild cleansers instead. Cleansers subtly clean your face and removes all the accumulated debris and bacteria without harming the oil glands within. They open up the skin pores and flush out all the toxins to give you an utterly clean skin.

Not washing face regularly

This is one thing many of use procrastinate till night time. But seldom is it realized that each time you postpone washing your face, you are actually inviting bacteria to breed. Because with all the pollution and cosmetic elements stay on the skin and make a good place for the bacteria to survive.

The only solution is washing your face regularly. If you wear make-up through the day, you can wait until you are done to follow the cleansing-toning-moisturizing regimen. And if you don’t wear any make-up at all there is no reason why you wouldn’t wash youe face throughout the day. Keep a face wash handy at all times.

Not using eye-creams

It’s a pity to know women still look at eye creams as something of a luxury rather than necessity. But actually eye creams are not just to pamper the eye contour. In fact, it provides the gentle contours of the eyes appropriate nourishment. Your eyes are the first spots to show signs of aging. Therefore it is essential that you use a good quality eye cream at morning and at night each day.

Drinking soda instead of water

People often mistake liquid intake in terms of aerated drinks as equal to that of taking in water. But that’s not the case though. Even diet sodas dehydrate you.

Water, on the other hand is a natural solvent. It not only helps circulation in the body. But also flushes out toxins and debris from inside the body. There is no fixed number of glasses of water that you should drink in a day. But you should never be thirsty.

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