successful internet business start up

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

successful internet business start up

Of the many thousands of ways to make money on the internet, three of them are the absolute greatest internet business start up ideas. On the surface, the following list may seem trivial but if you really go deep, you will begin to realize they really are the best internet businesses you can start to grow a successful company.

The first internet business idea is borrowed from the offline world. It is based on the money making model of buy low, sell higher, keep the difference. Offline as well as online, this strategy works. When you consider this type of online business you need to source products that people are willing to purchase at a low enough wholesale price so you can make a profit. It's the Walmart strategy of buying your widgets and selling them for a profit. On the web, you can buy products from drop shippers and then resell them on your web site, through your e-mail marketing and on To be successful, you need to have a knack for valuing products, sourcing them cheaply and you must have at least one or two profitable ways to sell them to your market. You can make money with this type of internet business if you master those steps.

The next way to earn cash with an internet business is to start creating your own products and selling them online. The most profitable products available on the internet are information products. They can be totally electronic, cost virtually nothing to ship to your customers and can be created easily (especially when compared to offline products). There are thousands of examples of products being sold this way on Each week dozens of products are added to Clickbank's catalog of electronic products. To earn a nice income with this type of internet startup, you will need to know what people want to learn, how much they are willing to pay for it and most importantly, how to attract them to your offer and close the sale.

Affiliate Marketing allows you to get paid for referring customers to online merchants

Lastly, one of the best internet companies you can and should consider is selling someone else's product and getting paid a commission. This money making venture is often called Affiliate Marketing. As an affiliate of a merchant, you attract targeted visitors to your site through the search engines or paid advertising methods. You help educate the visitors and convert a certain percentage from browsers to buyers. When they buy products referred from your site, you will earn a cash commission. There are some really good places to get educated about creating an online affiliate marketing business. For the do-it-yourselfers, you should check out and consider picking up a copy of his training manual. If you are less comfortable building web sites on your own and would like a more guided approach, you can visit and thoroughly check out their system. I have subscribed to both and choose to use James's methods for the majority of my sites because I like the do-it-yourself style of his approach better.

All of these web based business ideas are relatively inexpensive to startup, can potentially earn you a lot of money and can be fun and rewarding. Take your time to investigate each opportunity and pursue the one you like the best. All of them will allow you to make money with your online internet business.